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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year also means Happy Birthday

For a lot of horses January 1st is their "birthday".  People that have a papered horse, and the papers, or that just happen to be lucky enough to know when their grade horse was born, know their horses "real birthday". 
Although Cessa is a papered Thoroughbred (and she raced until she was 9) I do not have her papers.  But in the tradition of Thoroughbred's I've always considered January 1st her birthday. 
Late last night when I got home for work and went out to do the final feed I told her Happy Birthday little girl.
I don't have a recent pic of my girl, its been too dang cold to mess around with a camera outside!  But here is one from about 2 summers ago... (one of my fav pics of her)
The move has been very good for Cessa.  Some of you may remember that this fall I was considering whether or not it was That Time.... I'm so glad I decided to try tweaking her feed and seeing if she'd get through the winter.  Its been a bit more work to keep her weight up, and honestly if I was still boarding I think I would have had to say that goodbye. She gets her extra senior feed/beet pulp/etc 3 times a day, that just wouldn't have been at all possible boarding. 
But lets not dwell there, she is doing SO good this winter!  A few times I've caught her bucking and playing in her pen, she's been getting down and rolling and getting back up with no problems, she prances around & "flirts" with the geldings when they're close to her pen.  Not bad for an old lady of 30! lol
Probably one of the most telling signs (to me) that her nutrition and general health is better than its been in a long time is her feet.  For quite a few years now her hoof growth has slooooowed right down.  Quite often she'd get trimmed once or twice a year.  Because there was no growth.  Sometimes the farrier would file a bit to help keep her shape, but even then he didn't file much off because there just wasn't much there. 
Winter time especially her feet just  Did.  Not.  Grow. 
Well the horses, pony and donkey were done about 10 weeks ago.  Yesterday Scott came to trim again and Voodoo, Applejack AND Cessa all got their feeties done.  She had growth!  And not just a teeny "barely enough to trim" but real growth!! 
That along with her playful antics and spark in her eye make me so glad I'm putting in the extra time, money and work to help her through this winter ~ its TOTALLY worth it! :)
Happy Birthday "baby girl"!!

(for the record: the colts, donkey and pony are getting trimmed in 3 - 4 weeks.  they just weren't quite ready this time)


  1. So glad your old one is doing so well - old horses are a treasure.

  2. Awesome that the change in feed was so good for her, happy birthday to her!

  3. I remember you wondering if it was time. Glad that things have turned around for her. That's pretty darn cool.

    Happy Birthday to her and Happy New Year to you!

  4. That's awesome news! Happy Birthday Cessa!

  5. I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what the ration is you're feeding her. I have our old gelding that is maybe going to start needing a little more care. Sounds like what you're doing is really working. And I am sorry about your sister-in-law. My prayers are with you and the rest of the family.