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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colts ~ 1 month home

It was (finally!) nice out enough to take some pics.  The colts weren't too interested in posing however.  Pretty sure they spent most of the last 2 days huddled up in their shelter.  Today all they were interested in was stuffing their faces into the round bale.  So here are the 2 best pics of what I got, and they're not too good lol:
Odin from behind, not standing too nice but I've seen him stand better so I'm not too worried right now.  He's a little scruffy but we haven't introduced Mr Brush to him yet

Tavi from the side.  The only time he took his face out of the hay was to peek under his "brother" at the dogs playing outside his pen.  Another young man that needs to take "Grooming 101"


  1. "Life is too short for the brush, at the moment! We can wait!"

  2. I love Tavi's "blonde" mane and tail.
    How old are they now?

  3. Love the butt shot! Baby butts are just too darn cute!
    Around here a brush doesn't do any good this time of year. Especially when we have pasture horses, the mud just cakes in their coat and won't come out! I need a barn!

  4. Adorable babies - love the short tails! They both look like they will mature into nice looking horses.

  5. Lookin Good there CDN! Lookin Good!!!

    Nothing like a big horsey butt to start the day off right ;)

  6. They are too cute Lisa! OMG I am such a sucker for a grulla and rabicano both.

  7. Cute young ones! They all look scruffy in the winter. Can't wait to see how they look after a brushing!

  8. There is no such thing as getting 'good' pics of coming yearlings in the middle of winter. LOL...Well at least those that live in natural environments.

    Even in full winter hair, Tavi is a good looking boy and I am sure that Odin is just as good looking.

    Nice, nice babies you guys picked out Lisa!!

  9. It's amazing how thick that baby fur gets. Chickory's fur was so dense when she was little that there was no brushing it.
    Your boyz are looking good!