Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things I am Grateful For

So this one isn't horse related (although there is a LOT of horse stuff I'm grateful for) but I told my friend (Kimfer) about it and she had a good laugh so I thought I'd share it here.

Today I am grateful for these things:
*that it is a beautiful night. Clear & starry, decent weather. NOT rainy or windy like earlier today.
*that I live in a good neighbourhood.
*that my cell phone battery is charged.
*that I have games (Mahjong, Life, etc) loaded on the aforementioned cell phone.
*that late at night it only takes about 12 - 15 minutes to get home from work at our restaurant.

Now this is where the funny comes in... I am grateful for these things because tonight when I came home from work I got stuck (or trapped) in my backyard!!
Kimfer's car had to go into the shop today so last night after she was done work I met her at the dealership and lent her my Equinox. She drove me home and then went to her place. Her car was done too late this afternoon for us to make the vehicle switch so she returned my "truck" to me at work tonight. She often comes in late on Friday/Saturday and hangs out anyway. So after I closed the restaurant I took her to the dealership where her now repaired car was waiting patiently.
I drove home, put my truck in the (unattached) garage, locked the garage door and closed it behind me. When I went to unlock the back door to let myself in I found the screen door locked!! (we don't have keys for this door... yikes!). "Okay" I thought to myself, "I'll just go through the garage, walk around to the front, let myself in and go re-lock the garage." It was a logical plan, until I realized that I didn't have my "regular" keys with me... I had my work keys!!! All I had lent Kim was the actual truck key! On my "work" keys I have keys to the office, the front and back doors of our house, and the key for the work truck. Crap crap crap crap. lol
I called the restaurant (my hubbie & his brother were still there because our lounge was still open) and my brother-in-law answers. I told him I needed to talk to Pete, he asked why and when I told him he laughed and laughed. Then he asked why we would lock the screen door. I told him to ask his brother why.
(side note: I seriously don't know WHY Pete needs to lock this door. He does it all the time. He will let the dogs out to do "their business" and leave the nice, heavy inside door open... not just unlocked but open, and lock the screen door. Our yard has a solid fence that is about 5.5 - 6 feet tall, topped by a good 2 feet of lattice. The gates are both locked and the garage is always locked. If someone can get through any of that then the measly little screen door isn't going to stop them!)
So Pete gets on the phone and I tell him about my little problem. He says he'll be right there to let me in. Which is awfully nice of him because otherwise I'd be waiting a good 3 hours for him to get home. I'm NOT that patient. lol Which is why its also good that I have games on my phone to occupy myself with while I wait to be "rescued". Of course before I started a game I called Kimfer to tell her what was going on. It was nice to hear her laugh. She's had a long week at work. :)
Meanwhile my poor puppy dogs are in the house barking. Not their "get lost we're protecting this house!!!" barks but the "Mom why aren't you coming to see us, or better still letting us out to pee!" kinda barks because they could hear me talking.
I can't wait to get teased about this tomorrow at work. lol


  1. I am writing this to make you feel better, even though the whole thing wasn't really your fault. I think this will make you thankful your situation wasn't worse:

    The other winter I returned home from a late work meeting, hubby was at work like usual. I pulled up and got out to unlock out gate like usual. Because it was VERY cold out, like a negative 10 degrees out, I had all the windows rolled up.

    The strange part was when I went to get back in my car, i touched the door handle of my Ford Focus and I heard the door LOCK themselves! It was sooo weird (I later found out Ford Focus's are famous for doing this). Well the keys WITH my house keys where in the lcoked car that was running.

    Luckily I had my cell phone in my coat pocket - but it was going dead, I had just enough juice to call AAA and give them rough directions to my place a good 40 minutes outside of town just before my phone goes dead.

    Since I wasn't exactly dressed for the weather in my skirt and dress coat and nylons and dress shoes, I immediately tried to find some shelter, tried the horse trailer which would have had blankets and a heater - but is was LOCKED! I never lock it!! I later found out hubby was trying to do me a favor by locking it up for the winter. Tried walking around to the back of the house through 3 feet of snow, and all that earned me was a locked back door and numb feet.

    My neighbors were strangely gone and the one that was home is def and asleep and could not hear my knocking even if I tried. There is a fire station a quarter mile from my house but I literally wouldn't have had any feet left by the time I got there.

    I decided to check the propane on the BBQ on the deck. THANK GOD there was some. I lit the BBQ and cranked it up on high, grabbed a chair I never put away for the winter and put my feet directly on the BBQ and then when they finally got hot I switched to my hands which had also gone numb.

    About the time my eyes started to water and that lump started to build in my throat, a AAA truck show up to unlock my car - still running. The driver immediately sat me in the truck with the heater cranked and even offered to drive me to the hospital - I politely declined and limped back into my warm house.

    I ended up with frostbite on 3 of my toes on one foot and 2 on the other. But it could've been much worse - so i am thankful of how things turned out, but it is a prime example of the type of things that happen to me all the time.

    Welcome to my world.yjpdjj

  2. OMG! Glad you survived that. Holy Cow!
    I know things could've been worse for me... I actually thought it was pretty funny, not quite as funny as my brother-in-law and Kimfer did.
    As for the doors locking, maybe its a Ford thing. My "new" truck (2000 F250) has done that a few times. I always make sure to take out the spare keys or the key fob thingy if I have to leave the keys in it.


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