Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Good to Bad

Today started as a good day. Kimfer and I went for a ride before work. We rode down the service road ditch and looped around home by taking the highway ditch. It was breezy and there was quite a bit of garbage in the highway ditch. While I hate the garbage it did serve a purpose, Isis and Applejack were shown every piece that seemed like it had the potential to be scary. Both of them did quite well, no spooking or spinning! :)
Our ride lasted not quite an hour and a half. When we got back both of the ponies got their "treats" and then Cessa and Baron were brought in.
OMG Baron's leg is WAY better than I thought it would be! :) Kimfer even thinks it may be ready in time to take him to finals! (end of July) If not then, it will be ready for him to go to district finals (end of Aug. beginning of Sept.) And I have happy news too, Cessa's cut that she got this winter is almost completely healed over. It is now about the size of a pencil eraser! Yay no more bandages! *knock wood knock wood*
Baron and Cessa got their "treats" too and then they were turned out and I was off to home and then work... and that's where my day gets craptastic.

The following is not horse-related, I just need to get it out of my system.

Are you ready... I actually got fired tonight. Oh wait, better still... from my husband's family's business! Of course I have already (un)fortunately been re-hired. My brother-in-law ("G") and I got into an incredibly stupid argument/misunderstanding. I think a big part of it is that he ("G") is very overtired due to working so much and family obligations. After the blow up (and being fired) I called my father-in-law to tell him that I had just been fired and would not be in the next day. I honestly was NOT calling to be a "tattle-tale". I was calling out of courtesy. Tomorrow is Friday and is one of our restaurant's busiest nights. I thought he should have a heads up that they would be short a person.
My husband happened to have been in the restaurant (he's usually in our lounge by the time all this happened). Bless him, he took over my job (which I at the time no longer had) and I went home. He called me to let me know his dad was on the way to the restaurant. I asked him to please not get involved as it was already a stupid situation.

Now, how I got "un-fired". I talked to my father-in-law on the phone from home. He asked why "G" and I had been having the conversation that led to the blow up. I told him I had no idea WHY we were talking about something that happened on Tuesday when I didn't even work that day and that it was now Thursday. ("THE TOPIC" apparently has caused a lot of BS over the last few days) I told him that I had tried several times to stop the convo when "G" suddenly freaked out on me and started screaming at me and fired me. Long story short (I know, too late) my F-I-L decrees that "G" and I apologize to each other, the subject is closed and that I am still working there. He puts "G" on the phone, "G" says he's sorry for reacting the way he did and says "let's drop this now, its over" I say that I'm sorry that he thinks I said something that I didn't and that I don't want to talk about it anymore anyway. Now, lucky me I'm back to work at BD's tomorrow. I honestly don't know whether to be happy or not.
Meanwhile, hubby's all upset because even though he's trying to stay out of it (like I made him promise he would) he is obviously caught in the middle with this BS being between his wife and his bro. Arggh. He is actually more upset than I am with the crap his brother said to me!

Okay, its out of my system... I'm not talking about it anymore! (and anyway, my father-in-law has said the subject is closed!) :P And that's how a really nice day goes from good to bad.
PS - I promise to post more pics... me being me I lost the cord that lets me download pics from my camera to my computer. I'll find it one day! lol


  1. Sounds like that Thursday went from Good to great to crap then to fine I'll go back to work...sigh.
    Wow talk about drama, hey sounds like you got half a day off at least?
    Glad the ponies were good and that all the wounds are healing nicely!

    Ya know, blogs are great, but you just vent about everything :-x I SO wanted to blog about one of my weeks last month, but it would have been stupid to do so- I was a juror on a murder trial in our not so big not so small city...:-o THAT was one stressful week!

  2. When I started this blog I told myself I wasn't going to use it for a place to b*&ch about everything. But Thursday I really had to get it out. (sorry)

    I've never had to do jury duty. I was called for it once when I was about 18 and didn't get picked. It wasn't a big deal case either like murder. That must have been VERY stressful!


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