Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching up

Not a whole lot has happened since my last post, so it shouldn't take too long to catch up! Working backwards...
Tuesday evening there was a jackpot. Things are slow at Kimfer's work so she was able to skip out for a couple hours and join me. The jackpot was at Bex so it was only about 10 minutes from the ponies to the jackpot. It was one of those cool, breezy spring evenings that tends to give most horses a bit of a silly attitude. Kimfer was very happy with Isis. She didn't get silly, even though as a filly she has more excuse than a lot of the "grown up" horses. Raincloud didn't get too silly but he was a bit of a brat.
Our first run I managed to hold him a bit coming out of 2nd so that we could finish it better, which we did. However this meant he didn't have his head to run off as fast as he wanted to 3rd. In his reasoning this meant he should buck. Now, don't tell him but, his bucks really are not scary. (*furiously knocking wood so they don't get scary* lol) Our second run he was a turd and blew out on first, unfortunately he did it going into first which resulted in a dreaded No Time! I took him back to the gate, did a couple circles and restarted my run (for schooling purposes only, I already had my "time"). This time he was very good! (doesn't that figure! :) )
I think his issue is he thinks he knows what his job is and he really wants to do it. Too bad he can't seem to realize that he needs a bit more "on the job training" to really get it. lol
Sunday Pete & I were moving some stuff to our storage unit so we just brought Raincloud & Cessa in for their feed and some grooming. Hate to admit it but Cessa hasn't really had a good grooming in a couple of weeks. Well she is finally starting to shed really well now! I think I could have knit a full body horsie-sweater! (If I could knit!) She is always the last to shed, she has been ever since I got her (she was about 13 then).
Saturday was a jackpot out by Vanscoy. It was a bee-yoo-ti-ful day. AND I found my camera cable so I have a few pics!
This is Raincloud waiting ever so patiently for me to finish entering so we can go in the arena and warm up (the mess of leather on the horn is my bridle):

Here are Isis and Raincloud enjoying the breeze while waiting for our turn to run (Kimfer is hiding between them because she is "camera shy"):

Our runs were decent at this jackpot. Kimfer isn't pushing Isis yet, she's just a baby so its seasoning and taking her out and about. The only major thing to report from this jackpot is that "They" were there and it was the first time Isis and Raincloud met "Them". I'll show you a pic and then tell you about "Them". Scary aren't they!:

So there are the terrifying twosome. Buddy (the sorrel) and Rootbeer (the dark brown) ponies with their boys (whose names I can never get quite straight but I believe are Chance and Cash). I don't know why but most of the "big" horses are downright terrified of these two (and most other small ponies). Its like a friend said at the jackpot, "horses seem to know that Shetlands are actually the devil in disguise". Now I wouldn't go quite that far. And as far as ponies go these two are worth their weight in gold. The boys are 6 and 4. The can saddle and ride these ponies all by themselves. Including "running" the barrel pattern, over-and-undering as they go! As soon as those boys sit to slow down or stop those ponies do it. I really have not been around a more patient, better suited kids pony.

But I digress... the big horses are usually terrified. Kimfer had left the arena by the time these guys were in there. Raincloud and I were still warming up so he got a good look at them in the arena. No spooking or shying but he definitely gave them quite a look whenever we passed. The only time he was even a bit perturbed was when they came loping up his butt when we were walking. But he didn't really do anything, just kinda gave them a look with a bit more attitude.

The next time we saw them we were out of the arena. This time Isis was with us. We were walking from the trailer, down the long side of the arena to the other end where we would be starting from. Coming towards us were the ponies and "mom" on her horse. Suddenly Cash and Rootbeer came flying towards us. Isis gave a quick snort, spun and went to run off. (funny, because that would make her run after the pony!) Raincloud didn't really know what monster was going to eat him but thought that if Isis was worried he should be too so he spun, and then promptly halted when I asked him to. Isis was a few steps away and was mesmerized by the sight of the ponies. Raincloud stood there blowing for a second before he calmed down and decided the silly filly had overreacted to those weird little creatures.

It was a good thing for them to experience. We don't have a lot of ponies showing up at our jackpots but there are always ponies at the provincial finals. And there they have pretty much no regard for anyone, no warm up ring manners, and best (worst) of all.... funny "costumes" (like the leopard and zebra print blankets!)


  1. LMAO :-D man those ponies are frightening! :-o I'm sure Less would spook at them too, scary monsters! I can just see your horses spinning away in terror, omg too funny.
    Loved the pics! Raincloud is very cute!

  2. Yeah - some pictures!! :-)

    Raincloud is cute - but I can see why they would be scared of those ponies and kids...I've heard ponies are very vicious!!


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