Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Buck(ing) Stopped Here

Was going to post about the jackpot last night but I didn't get home until about 20 after 12 (that's 12 midnight NOT 12 noon!)
It was one of those days where it wasn't really a bad day but dumb little things kept getting in the way of making progress. The jackpot was at 7 (evening) and I got there at 6:15. I would have been there about 5:45, which although late-ish would have been better. Part of the reason I was late was stopping for fuel took a good 20 minutes and then between Saskatoon and Vanscoy I got stuck behind a house. Yup, just my luck that after the highway went from double lane to single I got stuck behind people moving a house. Surprisingly I got through the "rush hour" traffic in Saskatoon with ease. I guess that's where all my "driving good luck" was used.

*quick side note, as I've said I board my horses so I go from my house in Saskatoon a half hour to where I board (by Martensville) then to get to the jackpot I had to go back through Saskatoon to just past a town called Vanscoy*

Once I got to the jackpot I unloaded both of the boys (Quinn got to go for a "car ride" too!), grabbed my money from the truck and went to the booth to enter. Rushed back to the trailer and got Raincloud (Applejack) brushed and saddled. Gave Quinn a pat and told him to be good and headed for the arena to warm up. Here's where my "good luck" continued... just when I got to the arena the announcer called for everyone to clear the arena so they could work the ground. :(
I found a spot with decent ground and trotted & loped circles with Raincloud until he was moving nice and relaxed and paying attention. This took awhile because the only spot I could find to do this was by my trailer. I have to say Quinn was a very good boy and just stood watching, he wasn't trying to be a distraction.
When it was my turn Raincloud very slowly walked through the gate and calmly walked into the arena. When we got close to the score line I asked him to lope and off he went. He didn't run a pretty pattern, but all I was hoping for was clean with NO BUCKING. lol First was kinda wide and none too smooth, second barrel was decent and man oh man did he hit gears when he swung out of third and went to run home! (I honestly didn't think he was that quick!!)
Second run was a bit better, but slower. Was trying to get nicer turns out of him. He obviously has gotten the idea that he's supposed to go fast, now we need to re-establish the nice turns! I have a feeling there is a bit change in our future...
After the jackpot me and the boys went to Lanette's. She lives about 5 miles from Walker's (where we had the jackpot) and is taking Quinn for a month to put some miles on him. (The Quinn saga will have to have its own post another day!)
Got Quinn settled in, gave Lanette his history and talked about his "issues" and what I was hoping she could do with him. Of course there was a bit of chit-chat as well. From there I took Raincloud back home, unloaded him and my tack, parked the trailer and went home.
All in all it was a good day. No money won but goals accomplished. Seeing as I do this as a "hobby" I'm happy with the day. (although it is always more fun to leave with some cash in my pocket!)

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  1. Yay! No bucks all around, eh ;-)?
    Gotta love it when someone moves their house :-x it happens alot here in the south too!


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