Friday, May 9, 2008

Its Hunting Season!

*sigh* I've been waiting for this day to come since late last fall... the return of hunting season, acreage hunting that is! :)
Peter & I started our search last summer. Housing prices here are crazy, which is good for us to sell our house but not so good to purchase a "new" one. We also have quite the criteria: within 30 minutes of "the city" (aka Saskatoon), decent house that doesn't need too much work, ready for horses and either a garage/shop or a barn (or better yet both!) We had very little luck last year, and our realtor wasn't much help (waaaaay too much of a "city boy")
This spring we have a new realtor (Mark! who helped my parents buy & sell years ago) who is very knowledgeable about acreages. We now have to make an appointment with a mortgage broker to see what our budget is (hopefully a bit more than last year!).
We looked at one place last week. PERFECT location, pics of house looked good but when we got there it was NOT the place for us. Fences were a complete joke, house needed too much work IF it was even workable (cracks from stress/settling that looked dubious)
But at least we're back out there. I am very very very hopeful we'll have our own place this fall!


  1. Happy hunting! We are the opposite, it's a buyer's market here!

  2. Hi - thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm going to read through your past posts to get "caught up"!



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