Monday, June 2, 2008

Quinn's Story: Part One

Or "How I Got Screwed"

With all that's happened with Quinn lately I thought it would be a good time to tell his story. Its on the longer side so I'll tell it in parts, starting with today's post and how I came to own him.

A few years ago I had a Paint mare (unregistered). Rain was a pretty little thing, 15 hh, sorrel & white overo (about 50-50 colour/white). I bought her during the fall as a 5 year old and due to work and weather she sat more than got rode. Spring came and Rain was a wee bit too frisky. She never bucked but she did crow hop a bit and just needed a bit of a tune up.
My mom's husband had a friend that he really looked up to in matters of all things horse. I took Rain to "Rusty" (as we'll call him) for a month of tuning up. I had been to Rusty's before to look at a horse but he was too much horse for me. Incidentally Kimfer's uncle bought that same horse, plus one for his wife and I found Rain (somewhere else) Kimfer's aunt's boyfriend also bought 2 or 3 horses from Rusty and bred a mare to Rusty's stud. So even though at that time I didn't give him any business myself he got quite a bit of business through connections because of me.
Back to Rain and her tune-up... I went out several times during this month to watch and while there I'd ride Rusty's horses some. One in particular I fell for was Quinn. Big, beautiful, nice to ride and handle. Damn did I like this horse! And seeing as Rain was now to become my hubby Pete's horse I was looking for a horse for myself. And wouldn't you know it, Quinn was for sale!
Rusty told me Quinn was for sale for $ X. I told him Pete and I would talk about it and I'd get back to him ASAP. A few days later I was at Rusty's and told him I'd take Quinn. He said he was sorry but that there was a mix up and Quinn's price was actually $ XY. Now if anyone else had done that I'd have said "Forget it. You told me one price and now you're changing it? No way, I'm done. Either the original price or you can keep him."
BUT because Rusty was for one a "good Christian man" and more importantly because he was my mom's husband's good buddy I thought there was honestly a mistake and agreed to the new price. I thought that there was no way he would screw over his buddy's wife's kid. Man was I wrong!
Guess what happened when I showed up to take Rain and Quinn home? Yup, Rusty told me his business partner had been out to the farm and was like "Wait, THAT horse? No way is he $ XY... HIS price is $ XYZ."
I know, I know... major major major red flag which I ignored for the same reasons as above plus the fact that I really REALLY liked this horse. So yeah, I paid for Rain's training and Quinn (at the new price of $ XYZ) and settled both ponies in at home.
You must all think I am sooooo darn stupid now. If ANYONE else had tried to pull that stunt on me there is NO WAY I'd have done business with them. But I felt safe buying from someone who had a family connection. Two years later I found out that the god fearing good Christian was fired for stealing from his workplace and had relocated to parts unknown.
Stay tuned for more of Quinn's story!

Whoopsie! Cessa update: She officially does NOT have Cushing's :) (yay!!) but she does have a high parasite load (boo!) :( so we are treating accordingly.


  1. Don't feel stupid - the horse world isn't always a friendly one. Some people are very honest and others just aren't.

    It's a painful learning experience though - I can relate...

    As for Quinn - do you have a local web site or message board or something where you could post him for a free lease or something? Get a good junior rider to work with him or something...?

  2. I swear, it's the family friends that ALWAYS screw you over. I have done the same thing. I get screwed BIG time by a distant relative of mine. Ugh, I could talk for days about these rotten, low down, dirty liars. Good blog! I would like to post you on my links page, but wanted to ask first.

  3. HSinFL -- thanks for the compliment~ add me if you like. I've checked out your blog and was planning on adding you to my list if that's ok.

    Laura -- thanks, maybe I'm not stupid, just naive! lol

  4. More of Quinn's story to be posted soon. Unfortunately I am WAY behind on my housework b/c I picked up the little demon from the trainer's today. Got to chatting and left two hours later, oops! lol

  5. OMG it's like we have the same story! Lester's price changed on me 3 times too! :-o and then I bought him lame! :-) so I'm the real winner when it comes to buying a horse(s).

    Good to hear Cessa dosn't have Cushings, that sounds like one tough controling disease.


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