Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Vet Visit

On the advice of another blogger (Katie over at Saving Argus... definitely worth reading BTW) I called my (awesome) vet, Dr. K, to have Cessa tested for Cushings. The appointment times kinda got confused and ended up being made for a time when no one would be around on the first day (Cushing blood work has to be drawn at 2 different times). Dr. K called and asked if I was okay with her going out herself, catching Cessa, doing her vet stuff and all that with no one around. I said "sure!". That's the little extra nice thing about Dr. K. Not only is she a good vet but she also knows horses. Its one thing to have a vet that knows the "book" stuff that all vets know, its another to have an equine vet that has first hand, personal horse experience.
So today I went out for the second round of blood taking. Dr. K said that Cessa was a very good girl the day before (*whew* not that she's normally bad but she has made a bit of a reputation for herself at the vet college! more on that another time) The student vet with her (oops, didn't catch his name) took Cessa's blood (she was good again) and then it was time for Baron's leg inspection.
Kimfer and I told Dr. K that she would be pleasantly surprised and she was. When Kimfer took Baron's bandage off Dr. K was shocked at how well his cut is healing, she even did a little happy dance! His leg is healing sooo well. Its not going to have thickened tissue, it probably won't even have a scar! (I do have pics to post soon) He is healing much quicker than first estimated, Kimfer will even be able to take him to provincial finals at the end of July!!! :) Dr. K said that as long as it keeps healing like this he should be bandage free and out of the hospital pen in about 3 weeks! (I can just guess what Baron thinks... "mmmm, grass!") Kimfer can start riding him (slow stuff at first) pretty much anytime now. She just has to keep an eye on his "owie" to make sure that tender new skin doesn't split open.
Dr. K took another look at Cessa's "mystery swelling" leg and thinks it looks even better than before. We talked a bit about alternative therapies and I might buy some magnetic boots. Dr. K said that as long as they're not too expensive they are worth trying. Also one of her colleagues is now doing acupuncture. We also talked about Cessa's diet as she's a bit thin (of course she is old) and I may try adding some rice bran. Before making any changes to her diet I'm going to wait on the results of the Cushing's test and fecal count (Cessa happily obliged by providing a "fresh" sample... she can't be in the barn without leaving something for me to clean up! lol).
The only bad part was that I found out Dr. K's horse (Twist) now has a bit of a mystery owie too. Her leg is swollen and she's lame :(


  1. Sounds like you have a great vet - hope all is well with all of the horses...

  2. ps - thanks for adding me to your list of links!! :-)

  3. I had to add you... gives you motivation to keep posting! lol

    Dr. K is great! Its difficult to find good equine vets these days. Not only is she a good vet but she has the same weird sense of humour that I do so she's fun to be around! AND she really cares about her patients.

  4. Most vets I've met so far are always in a hurry and sort of treat boarders with little respect, as if they don't care about their horses or something... maybe it's just me being too sensitive!

    I saw your comment on my blog about Quinn - hope everything is ok...

  5. "(Cessa happily obliged by providing a "fresh" sample... she can't be in the barn without leaving something for me to clean up! lol)."

    LMAO, nice of her. Reason Number 1081 I love my Lester is he RARELY ever poops in the barn or wash rack, and all the other horses in the barn ALWAYS have to poop...

  6. Oh and good luck on the testing you're doing with Cessa! and yay for Baron's leg!

  7. At our barn there is a side door we usually bring the horses in. I can bring Cessa in that door and straight out the front one (about 2.5 seconds away... not kidding) and she will poo! Almost a guarantee. lol

    Laura... situation with Quinn is NOT good. He was a bad boy at the trainer's and now her connection will no longer be interested. :(

  8. Too bad about Quinn... :-( I hope everything works out with him...


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