Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Monday night's jackpot had a good turn out and the weather was gorgeous! It was actually two jackpots because it was a double header. I love running outdoors at Walker's because the arena is HUGE. You either have a very large pattern or you have the barrels waaaay off the fence (which makes it easy to see which horses turn and which ones need the fence for "help") Either way is fine with me!
Kimfer had worked the day shift so she and Isis accompanied Raincloud and myself. I helped HV take most of the entries, then drew her up a "cheat sheet" so she'd know how much to charge anyone who came to enter while I was warming up.
Raincloud was a very good boy! And stayed nice and relaxed warming up "alone". Meaning that we didn't walk/trot/lope alongside anyone for some chit chat. He did want to join Julie and Kimfer whenever we passed them but was pretty good about going on our own way. I got some really nice loping out of him, some days he's so darn rough!
We were 10th in the go (for both jackpots!) which meant we had bottom ground for both jackpots because they were raking after every five. :(
We still didn't win any $$$. Haven't won any since the winter series ended. But we are improving our runs. Our first is much better, I've learned I have to get off his face more and just let him go. He still comes out of 2nd really wide. Julie made some observations that I'll have to remember to try to implement at Saturday's jackpot ("rider error" type stuff.... of course! lol) I'm not sure if he's running different because we're outside or if its because he's starting to actually RUN.
Oh! We finished 5th (in 3D) in the first jackpot and 4th (in 3D) in the second jackpot. Payout was to 3rd in both... so we almost had some money!


  1. Yay! Sorry you didn't win any monies, but at least RC was a good boy, that's what counts!

  2. I'm pretty happy with him. We just have to start fine tuning. That and get the poor guy in better shape!

  3. Sounds like you guys did well, even though there wasn't any cash involved - maybe next time!

    Getting out there and doing your best is a good start.

    We need some pictures next time!

  4. I second that at least he was a good boy. Although winning a little $$ helps to offset travel and competition costs so I know that it sucks being just out of the money.

    Better luck next time!


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