Sunday, May 11, 2008


As I've said before I'm new to this blogging thing. I'm also not completely computer illiterate but I'm not exactly computer savvy either. Lately I haven't had too much time to check out the features of blogger. Today I had a bit of time so I learned how to add links to the sidebar. Seeing as I don't have much in the way of pony-talk I've decided to "introduce" the links I added today.

SBRA is the site for Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association (of which I'm a member) I have this set as my homepage so I can quickly check jackpot dates, finals info, newsletters, etc. There is also a bit of info on what exactly the SBRA is and how its run.

KCRA stand for Kakeyow Cowboys Rodeo Association. This is a small level rodeo and a bunch of people I know ride in it. I myself do not as I don't have the time/money to rodeo right now. I honestly think that I also need to improve my skills (and my horses) before I move to this level.

Smooth Run Equine is a supplement company. I use their product, and I was happy enough with it to become a rep! If you are at all interested in their product I recommend checking out their site. It has a history of how they came to be and descriptions of their various products.

Frontier Western Shop one of my favourite places to spend $$! They ship to the US as well as here in Canada. I have been very happy with their products, shipping and service. They were very patient and helpful when I was looking to replace a saddle last spring.

Free Rice is the only non-equine link (so far) It is a vocabulary game of sorts, and if its to be believed they also donate rice to the world's needy. Check this out if you are at all (as my sister describes me) "wordy".

My one bit of horse-y news... Kimfer switched shifts at work tomorrow. She's going to work the day shift so she can go to the jackpot. Yay! Company for the drive and someone to split the fuel cost!


  1. Hey I love the Frontier Western Shop!

    Would've never found it if you hadn't had talked about it.

    Good score - I am sending a link to all of my friends.

  2. I was so glad when I found them. Tack stores here (Saskatoon) are a joke. I've only been IN the actual brick & mortar Frontier store once but they are excellent to deal with for shipped orders. My credit card knows how much I shop there! lol


    Cool links though!

    I'm trying to resist buying any more gear - I don't show/compete, so I have no need for fancier stuff right now.

    I could use a nice pair of riding boots though...



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