Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm sure that question was going through Applejack's head yesterday, I know it went through mine today!
I'll start with yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and I had planned some "spa time" for the ponies. I'll admit that when I got to the barn I was verrrryyy tempted to just ride but I was a good girl and brought Applejack (aka Raincloud) and Cessa in to clean up. Both horses got their tails washed, Cessa's really needed it (ugh... way too grossly dirty to discuss!) then while Cessa had her "old lady food" Applejack got introduced to clippers. At least from the way he reacted I'm quite sure he was never clipped before we got him. lol
This is where "WTF?!" went through the poor guy's head, you'd have thought we were going after him with a butcher knife! Auntie Kim (aka my best bud Kimfer) is much braver than I am (and much better at clipping too!) so she worked on desensitizing him and got his face cleaned up, bridle path and legs trimmed. He looks so much handsomer now! And his legs look about half as big as they did before... he had sooooo much fetlock hair!
My turn for "WTF" was at the jackpot today. It was at Tim & Jackie's place. I took Applejack who has (for now) been renamed Applejackass. The little bugger bucked all the way to the first barrel, settled to start his turn and started bucking again coming out of first. Got him settled and trotted the rest of the pattern.
After some words of advice from "Mr Tim" (who by the way sold us this horse! lol) I went and loped/trotted circles in the field behind the arena... until we had a little "excitement". The neighbours jersey cows got loose and were strolling down the road. It was okay though, her ram escaped too so he kept the cows company. lol After the neighbour (finally) rounded up her critters we settled into more trotting.
This jackpot was a 2 run, fast time jackpot. I still had a shot for some cash if I wanted to take my second run but really all I was hoping for was a clean run with no bucking. I almost had it. It wasn't a pretty run but he was behaving (more or less) until he went to run home from third. He went to run and I checked him back to a lope because I didn't really trust him to behave. What did I get in return, more bucking. Only a couple little hops this time, but still!!! All I can say is thank goodness he doesn't buck as hard as Quinn or I would have been toast!
There is another jackpot tomorrow evening so hopefully that goes better. I'll be happy getting a clean, buck free run even if I don't get any money. *Fingers are crossed*


  1. Good Luck - hope next time is better. Since I am fairly new to your blog, dare i ask what "WTF" stands for?

    My mind went straight to the gutter so all I can think of is the f bomber phase associated with those letters.

    Just curious...sounds like a spunky litle horse.

  2. I hope the next jackpot goes/ went smoother!
    Ohhhh Lester saw cows at Auburn last year and was not happy, especially when they moooo-ed.

  3. Steph: You're right... he can be spunky, and it was "What The F-bomb". :)

    Denise: oooh, cows. There's something about TB's and cows. :) I'll have to blog about the first few cow experiences I had with Cessa. lol


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