Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vet Visit - Part Two

Today Dr K was out to check on Baron's leg... which I'm glad to report is coming along nicely, and to ultrasound Cessa's tendons.
The ultrasound showed nothing spectacular and she tests sound on it so I have officially been given the green light to start riding her again! So the mystery swelling in her left hind remains a mystery. Instructions to start with light work were given. I told Dr K about how I was hoping to take Cessa to a few jackpots this season and then "retire" her at our district finals in September. The green light was given to that plan as well, as long as she remains sound and has no issues with that leg.
All in all it has been a good day (although an early one!)


  1. Uggg, I hate mystery lameness! Good luck with the leg. Who's Baron? You only mention having 3 ponies, Cessa, Quinn and AppleJack?

  2. Baron is my best friend's (Kimfer's) gelding, and Cessa's "boyfriend". I board at Kimfer's parents place. Baron put his leg through the corral panel (through two bars on one panel, not between two panels). He freaked out, pulled his leg back and tore his shoe off. The skin is peeled down about 3-4 inches on his lower right foreleg. (de-gloved" basically)

  3. DLM - have to laugh that you refer to my horses as "ponies". That's what I call them too!

  4. Saying pony and ponies is way more fun then saying horse:-)

    Ouch for Baron! I guess his wasn't such a mystery, ick :-x


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