Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally, an Outdoor Ride!

Well everything finally fell into place... I was at the acreage to give "the kid's" their "extras", I had the day off so time wasn't a factor, and it was nice enough & dry enough to go for a ride outside! I took advantage of the situation and grabbed Applejack from the corral.
The poor guy was a bit surprised when after being brushed he was saddled up; after all there was no truck outside to take him somewhere, what was going on?! As I grabbed his bridle I reminded him that he wouldn't have gone in the trailer saddled up anyway. And that no, there were no barrels to run today or training session planned. We were just going to go and enjoy ourselves.
Now this is the sad reality of my boarding situation, there really is not a lot of options when it comes to riding. Henry's place is located right off a highway and surrounded by a lot of small acreages. So there are ditches and back roads but no real fields anywhere close that aren't fenced off for pasture. So today Applejack and I crossed the highway and headed down the driest ditch. I was a bit apprehensive as I haven't ridden him out that much.
We rode about 2 miles before things got too mushy underfoot. I want to get him into a 4 - 6 mile exercise program but I think that's going to have to wait about a month or so until the "good" ditches have dried enough. Once they are I think we'll have a perfect spot to do our conditioning. I mostly walked but we got in some trotting and loping. Found out that he's got some decent speed... when he feels like it! (have to get him to bring that speed to the barrel arena) On our way back home I noticed that all the snow has melted from the arena! Now, to wait for the mud to dry.
Once Applejack was unsaddled I put him in a stall and brought in Cessa & Quinn. Then I prepared their goodies and filled the water in the hospital pen. Baron looked a perkier than he has since he cut his leg. He even tried to escape the hospital pen when I put the boys back out. I gave him a pat when I brought Cessa out and told them Dr K would be there on Thursday to see them. Then it was back to the city for me.

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