Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pony-free Weekend

At first I was feeling guilty about this weekends planned road trip, after all I have to start getting into a riding routine now that its supposed to be spring. Not feeling quite so guilty after hearing the weather forecast yesterday... snow, cold and wet. :(
The road trip is much needed, Kimfer just finished working 20+ days straight (I think it was 24) and I am suffering work-related burnout. We've planned to leave for Edmonton tonight after I'm done work (soooo glad we're closing early!). We'll get to Edmonton approx. 4 a.m. and crash at the hotel. Sunday we'll spend visiting my sis and her hubby and Monday we'll shop.
Edmonton has one of my two fav tack stores... Lammle's (the other would be Frontier Western Shop in Claresholm AB, you can check them out online at they ship to US and Canada) Sadly the tack stores here in Saskatoon are very limited. We'll also check out a neat little tack store we discovered last time Kimfer & I were in Edmonton (Welsh's). Then of course we have to hit up Ikea and "the great Mall" also known as West Edmonton Mall.
So although my weekend will have no direct horse contact I will have my best bud (who is also my best horse-related friend) Kimfer with me so there will be lots of horse talk, I'll have horse mags to read during any alone time (new "Horse & Rider" came the other day!) and best of all there will be horse related shopping! (please, please, please... I have to try to NOT buy any more reins!!!) LOL


  1. Yay! A pony-free weekend is always niiiice, the first day anyways and then I start to miss pony:-(
    Hope you had fun and what kind of reins did you buy?;-)

  2. Ooooh, so close. I was walking around Lammle's holding a german martingale with barrel reins but I didn't buy them. But only because they were the wrong colour! *blush*
    But seriously that is one kind of rein I DO need. I don't need the full G.M. though because I already have one... but for some reason Applejack still needs the G.M. for barrel racing so I need barrel reins with the rings for the G.M. Probably just have to get them made.

    I did buy two ponies though!!! Err, "Trail of Painted Ponies" statues. :)


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