Monday, April 21, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Not much going on lately due to the absolutely crappy weather so I thought I'd take this time to introduce you to the other regulars...
Kimfer - my best friend (for 20+ years), owner of Baron (AQHA palomino gelding and Cessa's "boyfriend") and Isis (AQHA grey filly). My most frequent riding partner/hauling buddy/go to person for horse help (she's great at bandaging legs, she's been doing the wrapping of Cessa's cut leg for about 2 months). Our horses live at her parent's place with her dad's horses.
Henry & Linda - Kimfer's parents, owner's of Rainy (TWH black gelding) and Ty (TWH chestnut gelding) and two dogs, Cookie (female shitzuh, doesn't cause trouble) and Bear (female Rottie, major pain in the a$$ around the horses).
Julie - barrel buddy, the usual crew she hauls (in any combination of 1 -3) is Ginger (Welsh buckskin mare, slightly psycho), Maverick (buckskin QH gelding) Sully (roany buckskin QH gelding... 2nd year competing) and Red (bay roan QH filly, just starting barrels).

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