Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let me introduce myself

Before I begin I'd like to say that I'm still learning, so I hope you'll be patient. I'm learning about a lot of things, we all are. Some of the things I'm learning: how to blog, how to take better care of my horses, I'm even learning Greek!
My hope for this blog is to share my life with my horses (and knowing me I will sometimes stray from that, part of being a "Gemini" I guess! lol). I hope to find others out there to share the experiences, hopes, dreams, and yes heartaches, that come with these amazing animals.
So to start off, my husband & I live in Saskatchewan (Canada). We own three horses, also 2 dogs and 2 cats (no children). We currently live "in the city" and board our horses at a private acreage. It's a pretty good deal for us, the place I board is my best friend's parent's place (best friends for over 20 years now!) There are my 3 horses, my friend's 2 horses and her dad's 2 horses on the property. The horses live turned out 24/7 with natural and man-made shelters. There is a barn for grooming, feeding, saddling, farrier and vet visits, and of course the occasional stall rest (injured/sick). There is also a round pen, although it's a bit small, and an outdoor arena. Probably the two best perks are: 1-having my friend around to help (I've somehow lost the ability to give needles! Also, not so great at wrapping legs for wound care) and 2- because it's a private home there are no other boarders to share the tack room with. This is awesome as over the last 15 years or so of owning horses I've collected a lot of stuff! The barn has a large attached tack room and I've probably got 1/2 of that space.
Now the best part... let me introduce you to the horses. I'll start in the order we got them:

#1 "Cessa" is a OTTB mare. She is 27 this year, and although having some of the problems older horses have (ie keeping on weight) she is healthy. I still ride her regularly, although she had most of this winter off for various reasons (more on that another time) Cessa is about 15.2, bay with an almost perfectly shaped white diamond on her forehead, and although most of my western riding friends probably don't think much of my little TB I think she's a beauty. She has a special spot in my heart and this is definitely her "forever home"

#2 "Quinn" is a SPB gelding. He is 12, a dun (some say buckskin) with two hind white socks and a big white snip, built big, 15.3 and is quite the looker (or so I've been told). He is very well broke but a little "over-sensitive" (I've been told its his Sir Quincy Dan breeding), because of this he needs a confident rider, intermediate or more experienced. I, unfortunately, tend to be a bit fearful and would in all honesty call myself "an experienced beginner"... even though I've been riding for more than 20 years.

#3 "Applejack" aka "Raincloud" is my husband's horse (although I do most of the care and riding! lol) He is 13, an Appaloosa (c'mon, you had to know it with that name!) and is quite handsome. He is 15.1, and was registered as a bay with white blanket but now he's almost white, with dark legs, and his mane and tail (he actually has one!) are mixed white and dark. He actually is an awesome little horse, although he and I didn't really like each other too much at the start. He is very patient (my husband is a beginner) but still has some spice (he and I have done some barrel racing and pole bending this winter).

Well that's my horse family! To anyone who stumbles across this, I'd love to hear about your equine kids. Now... I really need to go study for my Greek lesson :)

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  1. I don't do needles either :-p Have never tried, never will probably, I know my limits:-)

    Your ponies sound lovely! esp the 27 yo TB.


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