Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Vet Visit (part 1)

Dr. K and her students were out today. For Baron it will be the first of several visits, they think he will need to be seen by a vet every 2 weeks or so for the time being. Dr. K thinks that he should be able to be ridden by this time next year (obviously how fast he heals will depends on if there are complications) She thinks he will heal sound but will have a "slightly bigger" leg. The wound looked MUCH better today than it did when I last saw it on Monday.
When I told Dr. K about how the call-out vet (who shall remain nameless) "cleaned" Baron's leg she looked a bit shocked. I assured her that I wasn't exaggerating. She didn't really say anything but she definitely didn't seem to impressed.
Cessa's "mystery cut" is healing very well, Dr. K was quite impressed. Unfortunately she didn't have the ultrasound machine with her today so we're still not sure what's going on with the swelling in the other hind leg. When she comes next week she'll bring the ultrasound machine, for now Cessa stays in the hospital pen with Baron... which she & I both like because then the other horses can't pick on her so much.

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