Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sleepless in Saskatoon

Early day tomorrow (for me at least... usually I'm not in bed until 4 a.m. so I don't get up until 11 a.m-ish). Dr. K is coming from the vet college. Cessa has had a slight swelling on her left hind leg, farrier thought it may be the start of a bowed tendon. Also want her mystery cut on the right hind checked. Seems to be healing well but might as well get Dr. K to look at it while she's there.
Also need to have Dr. K check on Baron (my friend Kimfer's horse). Take a look at his leg and get her opinion on how to proceed. Want a second opinion on what Kimfer and I think was a kinda craptastic job the emergency call-out vet did on Sunday night. The "cleaning" he did was basically splashing water on the wound... hmmm. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the tissue would have been irritated if he'd done a more thorough job of cleaning as it was pretty bruised and swollen.
So, not only do I have to try to get to sleep much earlier than normal, I'm also having to do so while worrying about Baron's prognosis and whether or not Cessa is now permanently retired or if I'll be able to ride her again. (although if she does get the "all clear" for riding this is to be her retirement year from competition, unless possibly there is a youth who wants to use her)

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