Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day in the Life

Finally got out to the barn today. The weather's been very unfriendly lately (an example, my 10 minute drive home from work took 30 minutes Friday night!) Auntie Kim (aka Kimfer) has been taking good care of Cessa for me. When she went to re-bandage her horse Baron she put Cessa's blanket back on. We had taken them off, silly us the weather was acting like spring. Baron and Cessa are in the "hospital pen" and its decided to be winter for awhile longer so they needed their blankies.
Was pleasantly surprised to see the snow is almost gone (again) and their pen is not too muddy! While I was preparing feed buckets Pete brought the horses in. Of course Cessa was right outside the door nickering to let us know she was there! She's so cute that way. When I get to the barn she comes and stands at the door and does her low, throaty mare nicker. :)
Pete opens the door and Cessa very nicely went and stood in her stall to wait (almost patiently) for her pail of goodies (beet pulp, rolled oats, joint combo, oil, senior feed and ground flax). Since she has quite a bit more to eat, and also can't eat quite as fast as she used to, I give her her pail and Pete goes to get the boys.
While Cessa is eating and Pete's catching horses I finish preparing the boys' goodie buckets. They both get a small (very small) amount of sweet feed and ground flax. Quinn also gets joint combo and they each get Smooth Run. They really only get the little bit of sweet feed they do so that I can feed them their Smooth Run and so Quinn can get his joint combo (pellets).
The boys come in, nicely go to their stalls and start to eat. I get the fun job of fishing ice out of the hospital pen water tank (told you it is cold lately!) and topping up the water. The boys finish eating and we put them back outside. Finish filling the water and Cessa pops her head over the stall... she is (finally) done eating.
Put her back with Baron and quickly put buckets away and tidy up the poo. Now its back home, lunch and get ready for work. This is all pretty typical. Home - barn - home - work - home, and repeat. Some days I get to squeeze in a ride when I'm out with the ponies, sometimes I only have time to feed their goodies and check on them.


  1. I won't tell you what our tempature here was today :-)
    but Less is all shedded out!

    I love the low-throaty nickers:-)

  2. Don't even start on the shedding! Cessa has always taken forever to shed out, even when she was young. I remember one year I was going to be stubborn and wait it out... then it was July and she still had a fuzzy strip down her face. Out came the clippers! :)


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