Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pics of the Eq-kids

Not much to say today so I thought I'd share a few pics of my equine kids.

Applejack, being a good lesson horse, with my husband Peter (a total beginner, this pic is from one of their first lessons together) It was cold outside! (Appaloosa gelding):

Quinn waiting patiently for our lesson, that stuff behind him is not as close as it looks. (SPB APHA gelding):

Cessa after a nap in the sun. This was last summer so she is 26 in this pic. If my memory is correct she woke up when we hooked up the trailer and pulled up by the barn ("are we going barrel racing?! just let me wake up!" lol) (TB mare):


  1. Hey there, like your pics - and yes it does look cold!

    Lessons are always fun.

  2. It was almost cold enough to cancel the lesson. We haul to an indoor, I hate to haul when it's really cold... too hard on the horses IMO.

    Lessons are fun and hubby and I both could use them. Right now we're "between trainers". Had a very bad & expensive experience with the last one.

  3. Your eq kids are beautiful! Cessa looks like a real doll!


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