Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your opinion please!

I'm in need of a little input... do any of y'all have experience with Adequan?  Pro or con, and if you're not comfortable commenting publicly zap me an e-mail (its

Here's the sitch... Kimfer's gelding Baron is having some issues and it seems quite likely he has arthritis, in his hip.  Kimfer is considering Adequan but is wondering how effective it is so she asked me to ask y'all.  Sooo,  have any of you used it?  Would you consider it effective?  How often do you have to give it?  How long does each treatment last?  Any other input?

Thanks :)


  1. I used it on my old mare for her arthritis, it worked great...expensive, this was quite a while ago. but well worth it.

  2. Its sold over here, as an Injectable Glucosamine. One dose each day, for four days and then whatever top up is required.

    I have used Glucosamine before, but never as an injectable solution. However, my nextdoor neighbour has. She and her 8 year old Appy mare, which had developed Arthritis!!! In the back right hock.(kinda young) Howvere, she is now back in work!! And doing well. So one can only assume, that it is working? Her vet had recommended the stuff, and she is very happy, but its not cheap!!

  3. My mom uses it on her gelding with great success, I think he gets a shot a month or something. It seems too cheap to be the brand name so I think their barn uses a generic. My dad's friends also use it on their Great Dane with bad hips and it works well for her, too!
    I can't imagine giving My Boy shots that often so I'll stick to the pelleted joint formulas for now, they work good for him!


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