Monday, June 27, 2011


Steph had mentioned on the Sunday Stills post that I should try sepia on the tree... little did she know I already had ;)
I wanted to post at least one pic in sepia and one in black & white.  Due to very uncooperative weather I didn't manage to get my camera out very much last week.  I much preferred the tractor shot in sepia so that left the tree for the b&w.
Can I just say that I love my camera?  I'd probably love it even more if I knew how to use it better! lol  I had used my Nikon D90 for the Sunday Stills, mostly because I knew that I could shoot in b&w and sepia whereas I'm not too sure if I can with my little Canon point and shoot.
And so here is the little lone tree, in sepia... let me know which you liked better :)


  1. I was just thinking, why not place the tree in the right hand corner of the frame and try that? The eye would then be drawn in to the shot. Have a go, and post it, try to keep the land in the bottom third of the shot too.

  2. I kind of like both - not sure which I like best...

  3. Deffinatly the sepia..:-)

  4. This is really nice, I really like it! Cheyenne above had a good point; one of the "rules" of photography is the "rule of thirds". Instead of dividing your image perfectly in half, divide it into thirds.


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