Thursday, June 2, 2011

Commenting on Comments

I'm not sure how many people look back in the comments to see if there was a response to questions/observations so I thought I'd do a quick post...

From 1 Year Ago Today BEC said: I can't believe it has been a year already! In a way it feels like you guys just got there, but you have always been there.
Funny, Pie & I say the same thing all the time...

There were a few theories regarding those antlers in Strange Find.  OS and gttyup suggested the culprit was a cougar.  While there are cougars in Saskatchewan, and in fact not too terribly far away, there are none in this area.  At least none that have been spotted in quite awhile.  We do have moose, antelope, deer, coyotes and fox.
Steph, Laura and BEC brought up the theory that I tend to agree with.  That somehow the poor guy got stuck in those trees all by himself.  Either by trying to force his way through the trees or rubbing his antlers.
The other theory I wonder about is if a bird was trying to make off with the head of a carcass and dropped it. And I got a pretty good chuckle from Mrs Mom's comments about wood elves and renegade garden gnomes.

Sunday Stills ~ In the Sky
From dibear: Love the kite picture. Who has to mow all that grass?? :)  
Where my brother was standing flying the kite is actually the edge of our hayfield, my neighbour Tony hays it for us.  As for the yard (the backyard was in one pic) Pie usually mows the lawn; back, front, side and ditches; however I do too occasionally.  For the curious it normally takes around 3 hours.

And lastly thanks for all your kind comments on the passing of Ethel and Mack.


  1. Just how big are the birds up there that they could make off with a whole deer head? Do ya'll have petradactryls up there? Even a full grown condor could'nt make off with a whole head, I like the elves and renegade garden gnome theory..:-))))

  2. Hahaha... Ed ^^ is funny!

    I never thought of a bird. I bet one of those big, ugly Turkey Vultures could have picked it up.

  3. Ah, but I hear that the mosquitoes up there are pretty darn big... maybe...

  4. Geez! Now Ed had me giggling but I did have the same thought. I just would never have stated it so eloquently.

    Three hours of mowing time. That's some field but then I guess if you can fly a kite in it it must be pretty good sized.

    Congrats on one year at your place. How cool is that!


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