Saturday, June 11, 2011

There be fairies

When I posted about finding those deer antlers and partial skull in "Strange Find" Mrs Mom jokingly commented that she thought maybe we had Wood Elves or Garden Gnomes. Ummm, no, however we do have fairies...

Can you see her napping in that log?

I don't mind the fairies, these ones are peaceful and playful in a "non naughty" way, as opposed to those that have a somewhat malicious streak.

I thought that's all we had lurking around until I was wandering around searching for something to shoot for Sunday Stills TNC: Yellow. That's when I saw THEM...

*to be continued on Sunday*


  1. I'm on pins and needles, can't wait. I love the little fairies.

  2. Oohh, suspense! What yellow creature could possibly be lurking at Home on the Range???


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