Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sleepingest Dog

I posted this pic on Facebook the other day and one of the comments was "That is the sleepingest dog LOL"
please forgive the quality, its a cell pic
my blackberry is old 
and the camera on it isn't very good
I had to laugh... most of the pics of Tucker that I post ARE of him sleeping.  But trust me that little dog EARNS his naps! He plays, runs and explores as hard as he sleeps, if not harder.  
The reason there aren't more pics of Tuck awake is that if he's awake he's usually moving.  Makes it a bit difficult to get a good pic.  But here are a couple of the better ones, just to prove that he does more than sleep ;)


  1. Yep, they can sleep as hard as they play! Bostons are so much fun! I love the picture of him running towards you, he's smiling for sure! Good job on catching the action too! I attempted to take some action shots of Fred yesterday zooming around the yard and he is not in one pic. I got a bunch of pics of grass, trees, driveway, and one real beauty of the siding of my house...It is hard! Almost as bad as birds.

  2. LOL That first action one looks like he is doing Puppy Yoga!!

    I'm telling you-- he is the CUTEST little stinker!! That boy must have about 800 pounds of personality packed in his tiny body. What a neat fellow he is!!

    (Yes. I heart Tucker! LOL)

  3. Puppy yoga? No, my Aussies do yoga. That is sheer show jumping, without the jump!

    I've been pondering a small house dog if we get the farm. But perhaps not, as it will come with 2 Pyrs as LGDs already.

    How long until Echo gets his hair?

  4. When I was adopting my dog they described her as, "very active until she isn't.". I didn't understand it thrn but it is perfect for this type of dog.


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