Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're infested!

*this post is the continuation of There be fairies*

So there I was... wandering around the yard looking for something yellow besides my flowers to post for Sunday Stills.  I idly snapped a few pics of dandelions when something caught my eye.  Do you see it?
I carefully looked around the treeline some more and saw another one!
Two gnomes... wait, there was a third.
I was a bit wary, who knows if they're friendly?!  So I cautiously looked around.  I tried to appear nonchalant, as if I was just out snapping nature pics.
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw another one dash across the lawn and managed to get a pic as he disappeared into the lilac hedge.
I decided to call it quits and head inside.  I wanted to quickly get some pics of the yellow flowers in my hanging baskets between the house and garage before I lost my nerve, and as I passed under the arch between the two buildings I got a tingly feeling.  I raised my camera and snapped quickly then looked at the screen... crap I think they're on to me!
I spun around and quickly fired off another shot, pretending to shoot the vine that is growing over the arch.  He had repositioned to keep me in sight! :o
Dang it I sure hope they're friendly!  Friendly with people, my critters and the fairies... I don't want a "supernatural gang war"!!  Speaking of which, I'm glad that we seem to have just the one 'race' of gnomes, I've heard that red gnomes and blue gnomes don't tend to get along.


  1. LOL Gotta watch them gnomes ;)

    Great posts here CDN!!

  2. Friendly indeed! Cute too! ;-)

  3. OMG...Toooo funny!

    I'm guessing they came with the property?

    Surely you didn't invite so many gnomes to hang out in such random places...did you?

  4. Yep, you're infested! Lock your doors at night and close the curtains!

  5. Well, you know how they got rid of the garden gnomes in Harry Potter, right? Chuck 'em over the fence! Only, you risk being bitten!

  6. really cute post! i have to take some photos of a few houses in our neighborhood where the people have gone crazy with the garden gnomes.

  7. hahhahah - too funny! I love those little gnomes - they are so cute!

    Here's hoping they are friendly and everyone gets along. :-)

  8. OMG are you a gnome person?! LOL! I would've never thought... he he.... ;-)

  9. What a great post. Thanks for the warning. I will have to keep an eye out - I tend to see the forest and not the trees, so who knows what might be hiding amongst the leaves!

  10. You just never know where those things will turn up. A friend of mine came home from a trip and found over 100 of them had moved in to her place. She's still trying to get them out. LOL (pracical joke by her vet, no less)

  11. Good thing you don't have garden trolls..LOL!


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