Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another sorting story

No, no fines... the road bans are off.  No instead I started the day with an instant adrenaline rush.  How?
Well it is really quite simple. 
Plan to get up around 7:30am
Plan to pick up your friend and her horse between 8 & 8:15, and then....

wake up at 8:41!!

I woke up to Tucker barking and running over me.  Pie woke and asked why he was barking and after listening for a moment I told him that Tuck was barking because Echo was barking down by the barn.  Then I looked over and saw the time.  And said a very bad word.
I grabbed my phone and raced around throwing on clothes and sunscreen.  I zapped a quick message to Shann (in response to her "YO!!!" message)  I ran to the barn, grabbed Voodoo's halter, ran to his pen, haltered him and (you guessed it) ran to the trailer with Voodoo long-trotting beside me.  Threw open the trailer doors and he jumped in (good pony!!)  I was SO grateful that I had loaded my tack and brushes the day before.
Another quick message was sent to Kimfer asking her to let them know we were coming to sorting so that they could draw the teams and we would pay when we got there.
Thankfully Shann lives less than 5 minutes from me!  Got to her place and helped her load horses and tack and we were off!
What time did we arrive you ask?
I had been awake a whole 55 minutes! lol
Shann is an awesome travelling partner.  Not once did she come down on me for the huge screwup and rush.  She didn't keep picking at it all day, she pretty much laughed it off.  She also brings munchies and drinks.  

Sorting went okay.  I didn't have as good a day as last sorting but it was still fun, which is really what I'm in it for :)
So what happened with my alarm?  Well I set it on my phone and shut off my phone just like I always do.  And it DID turn on and the alarm went off, without sound.  I had several e-mails, text messages, Facebook messages and bbm messages waiting on it when I looked... and not ONE time did it make a sound. When I got home I took the battery out, put it back in and set another alarm and it was working. Weird.
This Sunday is barrel racing, I'm hosting a jackpot at my place.  And the following Sunday is sorting.  And yes we have a game plan in place to make sure this doesn't happen again! lol


  1. Now if you can only train Tucker to wake you up on time! At least you had a fun day after such a hectic start.

  2. I will admit, I am the world's worst at getting up in the morning. I have shut off my alarm, without remembering I did so, more times than i can count. So I can totally relate to that 'oh crap', rushing around feeling.


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