Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ The Birds & the "Bees"

This week's Sunday Stills challenge: "This challenge is from WanderWoman who asked if we could do this challenge. It may be a bit difficult but I’m sure ya’ll can rise to this challenge and to help out a bit you can do any insect and not just bees..:-)) "

I didn't get the shots I was hoping to, we have eagles and hawks and some pretty songbirds.  Instead I got a fairly typical type of bird for the feathered part of the challenge, my friend Shann's hens:

While I was shooting the birds I could hear a couple bees buzzing around.  They were hovering around her heavenly smelling white lilacs... unfortunately every time I thought I had one it was gone before I could snap. 
I thought I'd have time to get more pics later in the week but the weather hasn't cooperated at all... which is okay because we  did need the rain.


  1. Very good shots!.......Always like stopping by.

  2. Do you get eggs from Shan?
    Love the lilacs!

  3. Pretty hens such interesting colors:)

  4. I always see the prettiest birds when I never have a camera handy.

    Those are pretty chickens though and Wow! those are huge lilac blooms.

  5. haha I had to read again, I thought you were Shooting your birds!! :)

  6. Love the chickens! They are so cute.

  7. I never knew that chickens could actually be so pretty. We desperately need rain here in the south!


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