Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Oh my lands! Look at the cuteness you have going on! Great photo!

  2. For the record - not my mare or my filly. Although I reeeeaallly want to buy her.
    Trying to contain myself though because I don't think buying a young one is quite the right option for me.
    These two (along with quite a few nice other babies and mares) belong to Jaclin Quarter Horses. They bred Kimfer's grey filly (4 yo) Isis.

  3. Awwww too sweet!!! Did you take that shot? Its wonderful!!

  4. Oh My! I LoVE Paliminos!! I want the baby!! I just want to scoop it up and put it in my pocket!! We will have a baby next year, but it won't be yellow. Roany most likely.

    Thank you for your kind comment. It is tough times all over.I pray everyone makes out ok.

  5. Aw you are thoughtful! My friend! THanks!


Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!