Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barnyard Anomalies

We've probably all heard of them, heck some of us have seen them.
The 'sideshow' animals that sometimes are born.
Things like 2 headed chickens or calves.
Dogs, cats, etc with extra legs.
Ducks or geese with extra wings.

Heck when Kimfer's dad bought their acreage it came with a barn cat that had a deformed eye and only one nostril. Popeye was a great mom to her kittens and the best darn mouser.

The more deformed the critter the less likely it will live a healthy, productive life. Its a sad, cruel twist of nature.

That's why I was SO shocked to see the strangest creature I've ever seen when I was back east visiting family.
At my Uncle D and Auntie S's farm (which used to be Grampie & Grammie's farm) they have a full grown horse with 1 head and 2 bodies!! :o

I was amazed, but look....

Oh, ummm.... errrr, sorry. That's just the two darker horses posed kinda funny.

Ooops, my bad!


  1. Ha Ha A two bodied horse!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's OK, I really needed to laugh! Weird day.

  3. Thank God I did not have to birth that!

  4. Oh my! Thanks for the evening giggle - I needed that!

  5. LOL- better two heads than two of what I posted about yesterday! LMAO

  6. LOL!! Great imagination!! So Funny! Warped but funny!!

  7. Wraped but funny!!! love that comment train wreck you have must know my daughter! Sorry Lisa the pic is awesome warped not my kid lmao

  8. 2 horses are better than one or is that heads? Would give new meaning to riding double.


  9. You Guys and your trick photos!

    Very well done. Cheered me up a bit - thanks!

  10. LOL!!! You had me going for a minute...until I saw that silly picture!!! Good one Cdn!!!

  11. Its okay mom... everyone who reads this knows both my mind and that photo is a bit warped!

    but major faux pas to use my real name!! :o
    lmao - teasing. s'okay

  12. hehe...I like your twisted and creative sense of humor.

    I bet that poor creature can never stop eating. I wonder if it's teeth wear out quicker, too?


  13. I wonder if it can spin? I dropped in to let you know I'm getting to your question next....I swear.


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