Monday, October 6, 2008

Blogs, bloggers and closeness

I have found a lot of friendship here in the blogworld. I'll admit that I was skeptical of developing friendships here... after all you only know what is presented to you and for all I know some of you might not be who you claim to be :o
(there were a few blogs I read that I suspected more and more of that and I stopped reading them)

I consider everyone on my blogroll to be special, and more than a few of them I consider friends, whether I would ever meet them in real life or not. In fact I'll be the first to admit that maybe some of us wouldn't be friends if we met in real life. lol

Blogging has provided me with these new friends, as well as support and different perspectives and ways of viewing things.

Its kinda funny how blogging makes us realize that no matter how big the world is its actually very small. I've noticed how a lot of times many of us are having the same struggle or issue (or good things) happening at the same time. Whether its being sick, dealing with work stress, trying to figure out what to do with a problematic but beloved animal.

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you for being there. For writing the great posts you do, whether they are entertaining, thought provoking, 'please help' or educational. And for reading my little blog and best of all for the comments here and on other blogs (comments that also happen to entertain and educate!)

If you're not on my blogroll don't feel bad there is a very good chance that you are bookmarked, I read a lot of blogs and not all of them are on my blogroll. You see, I have this strange little habit of wanting to read a person's whole blog before I add them to my blogroll (the exception to this is FHOTD, I have NOT read that entire blog!!)

On that note, I was reading comments on my last post and saw that Shirley had left me a little something on her blog. What's funny is that her blog is one of the bookmarked "to catch up on" blogs and I hadn't had time to go there lately!!
So this is from Shirley, and fits right in with what I was rambling on and on about:

To translate the gift from Portuguese to English, it means: "This blog invests and believes the proximity" Meaning that blogging makes us close.
"They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate? Then let's try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text."

Now I don't know how many of you have stuck it out and read this long rambling post, but if you made it to the end you will see that I would like to pass this on to everyone on my blogroll.
(yes that's kind of a copout... but there is no specific number to pass it on to and you all really are special)

*award image not created by me*


  1. Oh wow! I feel the same way about blogging, too. I started blogging just as way for my family and friends to keep in touch with what our family was up to, and then it led to a sort of journal/scrapbook for me, as well.

    I was so surprised when the first strangers left comments for me on my blog.
    And then the rest is history. lol!

    I then realized that there were many blogs to visit and get to know better, especially their way of life, their thoughts and ideas, too.

    Sometimes I discover just how different I am from some of the blogger's lives I read about, and it makes me even more fascinated and curious to learn more about them.
    Oftentimes, the blogs I read are about people who are living lives that I'd love to live, too.

    And quite often, I stumble upon a blog, or they upon mine, and we just seem to hit it off so well.

    It's so fun and very addictive, don't you agree?

    I enjoy your blog very much and I'm so glad you discovered my blog a while back because I always enjoy the comments you leave for me :)

    And I just realized that I'm on your Blog Roll. Woot! Woot!
    So, I suppose I should say a huge thank you for this sweet little award. THANK YOU, my friend!! :)


  2. I loved what you had to say SO much and agreed with you SOOO much that I had to steal your post! LOL...hope you dont mind! I did a "ditto" post because you really said it best...or maybe I am lazy...but I am sure it is because you did such a great job of writing what I have been thinking for the past week.

    So...THANK YOU!

  3. Aw you read my mind!! What a great post! My husband asked me the other day how I can make "Friends" on my blog! He doesn't know how I can call people I meet on my page friends? It is almost easier, there are no expectations. You learn about a little piece of their life. You become friends through small paragraphs and responses! Yes I consider quite a few of my bloggers friends! You are one of them!!

  4. I totally know what you mean, and I often find myself saying "there is this one girl who talked about this and that on her blog," or "so and so (from blogland), said that ..."

    People who don't blog kinda look at me funny and say "Let me get this straight...someone who you don't know, says something and you are listening to their advice?" Well yeah...I only agree with the people who think like!!!

    Great post Cdn Cowgirl!!

  5. I'm always referring to "my friend" when I tell my mom things I read on people's blogs. She looked at me a little funny the first couple of times, but now if she needs clarification, she will ask,"One of your computer friends?". Yep, one of my computer friends.

    For me it is great because I live in a sparsely populated area and a lot of the people around here have never lived anywhere else. Can we say...narrow-minded!! I prefer to learn everything I can and what better way than to hear other people's experiences. You guys keep me from going crazy from lack of intelligent conversation.

  6. Great post - and thanks and ditto right back at ya!

    I was so pleasantly suprised when I re-started a blog with a horse slant - so many friendly people with lots of different experience and advice to draw on and share.

    This little corner of the internet that we share has helped me so much because I don't know alot of horse people. The couple that I do know well often charge me for any help I might need - which isn't really so great in the long run. It's hard getting back into horse and sort of being on your own. Having a blog to rant to and ask advice to has been a big help.

    My hubby would also like to thank all of you guys, because it means that I don't blab to him about horses as much because I get it out of my system on the blog and by leaving comments!! lol

    I'm still convinced that we should do a meet up in Vegas or go to a big world show or a rodeo or would be fun to meet all of the personalities that we've come to learn about and be friends with...

  7. Your post pretty much sums up how I feel too. I started out this blog to kind of vent into the darkness and to use as some kind of therapy for me. Little did I know that I would make actual connections to other horse people. I want so badly to meet my blogger friends so much, but I seem to be one of the few on the East Coast, bummer!

  8. I like reading blogs for informational reasons and for entertainment. It seems everyone else has such interesting lives. I live vicariously through others I suppose you could say. lol And VERY addictive reading people's thoughts and stories. I think it's easier to be friends with someone online because it's easier to talk to them. You don't feel judgment because if the person doesn't like you, they simple don't read your blogs or respond to you. Or if they do and you don't like it, delete!! lol

  9. You're so right! I love blogging as well and have meet a wonderful group of fellow bloggers!

    My hubby thought at first I was silly, but he has started reading others blogs and asks me about some blogs! LOL!

    Congrats on the award!

  10. Hey "Friend" Just making sure I am keeping up to date on all my pals!!

  11. Great thoughts on blogging - I much the same way and you are right!

    If we had all met in the real world without getting to know each other online first some of us most likely would've never become friends.

    Like us for an instance - I would have been the nerdy rail horse girl watching the barrel racing from the fence never having the guts to come up and say "hi - man I really like your horses." And you guys might have thought I was a WP bling queen with no real interest in barrels... so its completely possible we'd never even met each other if we had crossed paths.

    Because of blogging I have been given a chance to develop friendships I would not otherwise have and I get to peek into other "horse worlds" through those friends. It's neat!

  12. Oh that's sweet! We love ya too! And you weren't just rambling, silly. Thank-you! I do the same as Brown Eyed and refer to y'all as my friend in Canada or South Dakota or Georgia or Arizona...LOL. I think blogging makes for great friendships!

  13. Don't forget you said I was your first! :-)
    I love it when I have time to catch up on blogs and post and actually get comments too!:-)

  14. Steph - if you were out with your horse and didn't have a huge group of people I would probably say "hi" and maybe strike up a convo. :)
    For a few years the Canadian App. Nationals were in Regina the same time our Prov. Finals were there. I talked to a few competitors, most of them were really friendly.

  15. Denise - I could never forget!! :)

  16. Sometimes I have to be careful how I word things when I talk to people in 'real life'. Some people just don't get how you can be friends with fellow bloggers.
    I've called most of you "my friend from..." and depending to who I'm talking to I'll get a "look".

  17. Great post sweetie! People who don't blog, just don't get it...thanks for the friendship!

  18. I agree. When I first heard about blogging I thought it was crazy! But now that I've started my own and begun looking for other related sites, I'm finding new friends all over! It's fun!

    I was raised on a ranch in eastern Montana, rode horses, rounded up cattle for branding, etc. but now I live an urban lifestyle in WA. But I write about old-time cowgirls, and my first novel, Cowgirl Dreams, is about to be published (I'm getting so excited!) It's based on my grandmother who rode steers in MT rodeos during the 1920s.

    Happy bloggin!


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