Tuesday, October 28, 2008

After a chilly weekend I'm glad to see the temps for the next few days will be nicer, there's still a little fall left.
Kimfer and I rode Friday. We met at the barn and rode down Old Dump Road (we call it that, not sure what the real name is). Its a gravel road, but fairly well travelled as it leads to a water station. Kimfer rode Isis and ponied Baron, he's been cleared for light riding so she's easing him back into work. I rode Applejack, I'm thinking of ponying Cessa off him in the future.
Just off ODR is some private land that is fairly well treed (little bushy trees, not big trees) and lots of trails. We call it Mini-Nesbit because it kinda reminds us of riding in Nesbit Forest (about an hour and a half drive north). Except MN doesn't have bear or moose, which is totally okay with us! lol
We did see a deer though. We had just come off the road and were in maybe 50 feet when I saw a good size doe having lunch in a little clearing. I stopped and started talking to Kimfer really loudly so the doe would take advantage of the moment and leave. Kimfer's filly was being a bit goofy and we didn't want to give her any excuses to act up.
Most of the leaves have turned and fallen, it was kinda ghostly riding through there. Made me wish I'd had my camera.
Sunday Pie & I brought our niece and nephew out to meet the horses, I do have pics of that day I will post in the future.
Yesterday was laundry/housework... and a nice soak in the hot tub with Pie when he got home from work.
**edited to add - hot tub being the 6-8 person, jetted kind that sits out on the deck. Perfect for drinks, relaxing and entertaining** :)
Today I have my Greek class (need to review my homework as soon as I post this!) and tomorrow is supposed to be very nice weather so I plan to ride. I need to get my fat little horse working again. The next three weekends are barrel racing, clinic and barrel racing.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year in New Mexico. We usually get one snow in October here in the mountains, and then we enjoy several more weeks of warm Indian Summer. Aaahhh!

    I'm glad you got out and did some riding and had a great time.

    I can't wait to read about your next few horse-filled weekends, too. :)


  2. Fall is usually very nice here. Usually.
    This year has been fairly chilly and even when the temps are decent its been grey and icky.

  3. A dual bath, how kinky!
    Can you come do my housework and laundry?
    I think I might have caught the bloggers flu/cold, I feel crappy today. bleh. I might have asked for it though, I got the flu shot last week :-(

  4. Denise! :O

    Not A hot tub, THE hot tub. Jets, seats 6+, sits on the deck.
    A drink or two and a soak in that with the jets going reaaaally relaxes a person. :)

  5. Hey the next three weekends sound purty dang fun to me!

    I am just itching to go see my babes.

    I loved fall rides when I lived at home with my folks. The temp is just right the air is crisp and every is so colorful - and the stupid bugs are all but gone.

  6. I would like a hot tub - it would be great for my back. I am thinking of starting a collection...a "Hot Tub for Stephanie fund" if you will.

    Maybe by next year at the this time I will have a hot tub! :)

  7. The weather here is still mild. It has been a really oustanding fall, the colors have been out of this world and we have had nice weather. I wish we had a hot tub! i dont like chlorine but I sure do love to float!

    The horse market in the states is INSANE right now. SOOOO cheap and so many horses it makes me feel bad! You sure you dont want to pick one up? There is a pretty bay nicely cutting bred, four year old mare...broke that I could pick up for $500 right now. Another is a red dun cow bred 5 year old with 6 months pro training, really broke and pretty for $1000!

  8. Riding in the fall is the best!!!

    I second AOHCM's comment about the horse market down here. You could get a really nice horse for under $1000. It is really quite sad.

  9. AOHCM - I don't like chlorine either. We use bromine in our hot tub. Similar smell to chlorine but waaaay better for your skin.

    As for horses, I am very tempted right now. Two things keep me in check though, 1- Ty is an A-hole so I'm not 'allowed' to bring a new horse to the property until spring. (Ty is a gelding, thinks he' a stud)
    2- No passport so I can't go check out the deals myself.

  10. Sounds like a nice ride! I'm hoping it's warm enough tomorrow for me to get a quick ride in.

  11. Are they inforcing the passport thing on your side? I travel across the border once a week on a drivers license and birth certificate and am told you can still do so. I think that is going to change over soon...was suppose to last year but then they gave an extention because of the back up at the passport offices. I do have a passport.


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