Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confessions of a drama queen

Soooo, I've been a bit "absent" this week. There's a reason for that, its been a rough week.
(Seems like its been rough for about half the bloggers out there)
When I started this blog I promised myself to keep it as honest as possible. That's part of the reason I haven't been around much lately. I had nothing on my mind but last Saturday and I didn't know how much of it I felt comfortable sharing.
So this is the deal, I'll give a brief rundown but not too many specifics (sorry, if you're like me I know being curious and not getting answers drives a person crazy).

Last Friday Pie and I had a bit of a fight. (verbal not physical) In the end its not really something that was his fault/my fault, just a lack of a judgement call.
Normally not too big a deal, every couple has their moments.

But then Saturday I had to call 911.

I had got up before Pie and ran some errands. When I came home he was still asleep.
I went into the bathroom and suddenly heard thuds from the bedroom. I raced in and Pie was stumbling around, trying to get to the door. He wasn't very coherent and couldn't really stand.
Very strange.
I made him sit on the bed and called my brother-in-law (he lives around the corner).
I was worried but wasn't sure if it was as bad as I thought it was.
In the less than 2 minutes it took for BIL to get here the situation worsened drastically.
Pie was laying on the bed, he'd gotten super pale and was breathing very shallowly.
Neither BIL or I could get any response (yes, dramatic as it may be we even slapped his face).
I called 911.
Yes I was crying, and scared, but I managed to be coherent and in a few minutes the ambulance was at our house.

Pie ended up going to the ER. I followed in my vehicle.
That was around 3pm. At 9pm they let me take him home. He was still very groggy and out of it. But if you spoke to him he would answer (and make sense) but if you left him on his own for a moment he would drift off.

Needless to say I hardly slept on Saturday. I was up checking on him and haven't had a decent nights sleep since. Running on 3 - 5 hours of sleep (total sleep, still keep waking up).

It turned my world upside down. I keep thinking 'what would have happened if I hadn't come home when I did?'

I haven't wanted to leave the house all week (been a bit tired to do much anyway). I only rode once, but the horses worked their magic while I was with them. However once they were turned out I just REALLY wanted to get home again (damn I wish they were in my backyard!).

So there you have it, things are getting better though. Pie is feelin' fine and I have the next few days off to get my head straight and relax (hot tub here I come!)


  1. Holy cow!

    Glad he is alright! May goodness that had to have been scary. Hope you get some much needed rest.

  2. Whew... So scary. It's horrible when bad things happen after a fight, but there's never a GOOD time for something like that.

    Nothing like horses (and some hot tub time) for stress relief. Very glad you were there, and that things are settling down some.

  3. Glad to hear that things are ok now (hoping that they are) but am sorry that you had to go throug that! I had something like that happen with my DB a few years ago. He had a very bad allergic reaction and was in shock/thought he was having a heart attack. I had to call 911. It was very scary. It sure makes you think doesnt it? About what really matters? Take care of your own health! Tell Pie to take care.

  4. Wow Cdn...that is just awful, and of course it had to happen right after a disagreement. Just know that you had nothing to do with it!

    What ended up being wrong with him (if you said, I am sorry...I didn't catch it)?

    Hope that things are settling down for you now. To use your and Denises's favorite saying, "Jingles" to you!

  5. Sorry to hear this Cdn. I hope Pie is okay! That had to be quite scary.

    I don't know what it is about certain times of the year, but I can about guarantee that Chris and I will get into a disagreement in the early summer and the fall. We ended up having one the day I was leaving Colorado and although we worked it out, it seems to have affected our relationship a bit. A person hates to go on about such things in a public forum like our blogs, but they do happen to all of us.

    Get some rest. Spend some time with Pie and I hope all works itself out.

    I "ghosted" you on my blog girlfriend. Come by and have some fun with it to lighten the mood.;)

  6. Wow! How terribly scary!

    What did they say it was that caused him to be that way?

    How's he doing now?

    My husband almost died twice. Once about 14 years ago when he ended up with his lungs filled with blood clots from a genetic condition, and then again 4 years ago when he was hit head on in an auto accident by an 18 wheeler, after being hit from behind.

    It totally rocks your world. I can attest to that!

    Hang in there....from another Lisa ;)

  7. I'm so glad he is alright now. Fights do suck, but they happen to everyone, sometimes about the most minuet things, sometimes not. Hopefully you guys were able to communicate through it well.

    Sometimes I think that you can say MORE to online people than to regular people who are around you all the time because you don't have to face them face to face and be embarassed or whatever. (kind of like confession at church, I ALWAYS did the one behind the scene instead of the chair face to face, lol) Not that you should be embarassed. People fight and things happen. Usually at the worst times as everyone has said. Glad you will be able to get some sleep and relax in any case :)

  8. Glad to hear he is on the mend and as you said curiosity gets the best of me, afterall I am a nurse, But I have a feeling I know. Take care and hope this doesn't happen again. Grab yourself that hot tub! Sounds like you need it!

  9. OMgosh how scary, I'm sorry you had to go through that and it's still eating at you:-( you call that being a drama queen! I think that.
    What did the docs say, anything as to what happened to him?
    I'm glad the horses gave you some good therapy...
    Jingles for you and Pie!

  10. Poor Pie - glad you were there to call 911. Can't imagine how scary that must have been.

    Hope you guys can take some time to relax and recover!

  11. Poor Pie - glad you were there to call 911. Can't imagine how scary that must have been.

    I don't think worrying about something big like that makes you a drama queen - sounds like a pretty legit situation to me!

    Hope you guys can take some time to relax and recover!

  12. Wow! Very scary stuff. I hope you recuperate from the stress soon. The horses are always so helpful with that, get in extra time if you can.

  13. CP and I went through something similar about a year and a half ago. We'd had a verbal fight. Shortly afterwards, he collapsed and I got to call 911. He started having seizures and they couldn't find a cause.

    In our reseached opinion, we believe it's from a hay allergy. Any time he moves hay for me, he feels "off". If he has more exposure than just a few minutes or more than once a week, a seizure is in the near future. So, he doesn't come to the barn much and I started paying for partial care so I don't have to deal with hay in my truck or on me much. It took more than a year for us to figure this out and we haven't found a doctor (family practice and neurologist) who will support our theory. No seizures at all if he stays away from hay.

    It was a really scary time for us. I don't think we disagreed for months afterwards. That wasn't necessarily the healthiest thing either. We each stuffed a lot of things.

    I'm glad Pie is ok. I hope he continues to be ok. We are all here for you if you need someone to talk to.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks to you all for being so supportive. :)

    Pie is much better, I think partly because he doesn't remember any of it.
    I *think* part of the problem was a new-ish medication he took and that he is diabetic (and needs to manage that better).

    I had a nice, low pressure day. "Got my hair did" and even took a nap.
    Now I need to do laundry and housework and homework.

  15. Hi there,

    Last one in as always. Holy smokes that would scare the crap out of me! It dang near did just reading it I can't imagine what you went through. Try not to think about what would've happened if you hadn't come home, just give yourself Kudos for coming home...I am a big believer in a woman's instinct and fate - there was a reason why you can home when you did, and because you did you were able to help Pie when he couldn't help himself. That's what we do when we love each other.

    PS - I am so thankful both him and you are ok now.

  16. That's a little more excitement than anyone needs! I'm glad to hear he's okay now.

    I know what you mean...while I haven't had anything 'bad' happen to me, I've definitely been feeling a bit out of sorts, melancholy, and 'quiet'. I know it'll sort itself out eventually.



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