Sunday, October 5, 2008

Upon us all...

... a little rain must fall.
And fall it did. Today. When we had a barrel racing jackpot.
Good grief what was I thinking? Oh yeah, that there hasn't been a jackpot in a month! lol

So Kimfer and I loaded up Isis and Applejack and were on our merry way.
(Incidentally Applejack races under part of his registered name, Raincloud, how fitting was that today!!)

We got to Holly & Al's were the jackpot was being held and were surprised at the turnout. We thought there would be more people with enough common sense to stay home and dry, but no there were quite a few people there.
Including Erin and Shaunna that we met at the team sorting competitions! I was so glad to see them come give barrel racing a try, neither of them has done it before. Of course, they thought we were crazy to be having a jackpot in this weather... as Erin said "At least last night at penning we were INSIDE!" lol

Our first run we came out of 1st a little crazy and I had a bit of trouble with my wet (leather) reins. Almost ran up the wrong side of 2nd but got straightened out in time. Was happy to get around it and head to 3rd. Not a great run but no "issues" which I was worried the brisk, wet weather would resurrect. (*ahem* bucking)
Second run was MUCH better. Nice turn on first, slipped a bit (ground held up until the last few runs) but came out of it well. Decent second, still need to work on finishing it so he doesn't blow out so wide. Went in a little too wide to 3rd (due to another small slip) but that ended up okay because the instant I lowered my hand and grabbed the horn Applejack wrapped that sucker and we were on our way home!

Kimfer and Julie both had good, solid runs on their fillies. Erin and Shaunna both had good runs (especially for the first time doing it!)

After humans and horses alike were thoroughly soaked (and I mean thoroughy!) We got the horses unsaddled, coolers on and loaded them in the trailer. We then headed over to the shelter of the garage to check on payout (I have to collect the timer and office money due to being the club secretary/treasurer) and I was very happy to learn that I won 2nd in the 3D!!

We said thanks to the jackpot hosts and headed back to the trailer to try to get dry and warm. Kimfer and I ducked into the living quarters area of the trailer to change into dry clothes.
(THANK YOU Kimfer for lending me your extra jeans and hoodie - mine were in my Chevy, at the acreage!!)
And then we hopped in the truck... I was SO grateful that we took Kimfer's dad's truck, with the leather seats and butt warmers! :)

Oh, I think Erin and Shaunna are hooked, they both bought memberships!

BECG - I am going to try to get Kimfer to take some pics but today was way too miserable for that!


  1. Woot!
    Congrats on your 2nd place win!
    What an exciting, albeit wet day!

    We got a humdinger of a storm blowing through last rained over 12 hours..HARD!

    I'm not complaining about the rain, though. We really needed it here in our dry dusty NM mountains, but sheesh!
    Did it have to bring the cold weather with it?
    It felt so cold I though it might snow today!


  2. Good job!
    It has been so long since I had to run in mud, I would probably slow lope through the pattern because I would be afraid of slipping. Although my niece ran Moon a few times in the mud and he could care less.
    I can understand the lack of pictures this time.;) But waiting patiently to see you guys in action!!

  3. That is great that you got a 2nd place in those crappy wet conditions!

    Ditto on waiting patiently for photos of you guys doing barrels! :-)

  4. Way to cowgirl up, running in the rain! Congrats on being in the money! If I keep my palomino filly long enough, I intend to barrel race on her. She's bred for speed on the bottom side, and I've watched her in pasture run holes in the wind. Gotta wait a couple years yet though! Stop by my blog, there is an award for you.

  5. Sounds like a good time was had by all, despite the rainy!!!

    I have not barrel raced in the rain and mud (I call wet, clumpy sand mud!), in over 15 fun! Well, I am sure that it was not a lot of fun at the time, but you will look back at yesterday and say "remember that jackpot we went to in the pouring down rain?"

  6. One of the BIG benefits of the jackpot being at Holly an Al's is that their arena can take a LOT of rain!
    The ground was actually kicking up dry underneath for quite awhile. Even then it was only for the last 5 riders (on their 2nd go) that it started to get slippery. And it wasn't scary, bad slippery just starting to get a bit slick.

  7. Congrats on your 2nd place win, that is awesome! You guys have really come a long way, I remember the posts when you were trotting those barrels :-)

    We could use some of your rain please.

  8. Congrats on your jackpot!!! Wahooo!

    Every time you go I'm all like "oh I hope she does good this time...just let her bring home some cashola!"

    So I am happy you did well!

    Sounds like it was miserable though - so is that how is has to be? Applejack needs crappy ass weather to bring home the money? When you get to the next one and its all sunny nice and warm you might as well pack-up and head home! LOL :)

  9. Steph - oh lordy I never thought of it that way! But all last winter (when I first started running him) we did well. Then when the nice weather came and we started running outside we had our bad spell!
    I'm hoping the "reform school" we worked on fixed that and its not just the weather. :)


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