Monday, October 20, 2008

Mrs Mom started it :)

"It" being "Ghosting it Forward". Kinda a pay it forward with a Halloween twist. Mrs Mom tagged BECG who in turn tagged me.

I love Halloween. I love handing out candy and seeing all the kids in their cute costumes. Sadly this year it lands on a Friday so I'll be at work :( (our nice neighbours will keep an eye on our house in case there are any Halloween Hoodlums out)

So here's how to play Ghosting it Forward:

1)Have a ghostly image to pass along.

2)Tag 3 people on your blog, with links to their blogs. Tell what great people they are or offer to send them a ghostly treat.

3)Include a link to Ghosting it Forward in your blog.

So for my 3 people... hmmm. I always hate having to choose this part, there are so many of you out there. This time I just randomly scrolled up and down my blog list and wherever my cursor stopped, that's who got picked.
(I am sooo giving myself a "no pressure" of any kind day! lol)

First up is Sidetracked. I've just started to get to know ST but I really like her. We have nothing in common in riding (I'm Western, she's English and jumps) But we both ride Appy geldings that we had to do a bit of work to establish relationships with. And we both have a soft spot for rescue dogs.

Second is my fellow Lisa aka Twinville. This wonderful lady leads a life very far from mine. But I still feel a kinship with her. Her posts are filled with pics (she's actually had to buy additional photo space from Blogger! :o ) and often make me laugh.

Last, but by no means least, is another new to me blogger, Lytha. An American now living in Germany and adjusting to life there. At least her horse has finally arrived! That's right, the lucky girl was able to bring her horse with her.

Now in regard to the image I posted. This is a "famous" ghost photo, known as The Brown Lady. It is thought to be of Lady Dorothy Townshend who lived in England in the 1700s. Supposedly she had an affair and her husband faked her death and her funeral while he kept her locked in their home until she died many years later.
She is said to haunt their home Raynham Hall. This photo was reported to have been taken in 1936. There is more info on the photo and Lady Townshend if you click the link on The Brown Lady.

*image found online*


  1. Just stopped by to see how Pie-and you!-are doing.

    I wanted to go back and look at the last post to see what happened to him (can't help is the nurse in me), and I see that you mentioned it. Thanks!

    Diabetics can have some strange reactions to both diabetic meds, and other meds. Hope he gets it figured out.

    You got your "hair did?" I am so jealous! I need to get my done reeeeaaaaallll!!!

  2. Hmmmm....

    I am always so suspicious of "ghost" photos especially old ones because of the many things that can go wrong with the development of film and print during that time...just a lot of opportunities for human error the technique was still so rough then..but I will shut-up now and not ruin it for everyone else.

    Have you ever seen that Ghost Hunters show? That show gives me the creeps, cause they go about it all scientific like. I think its on the SciFi channel but the show is not a work of fiction its a reality show...

  3. Congrats! Love the photo!Step is right! THat show is creepy!

  4. Oooh, That is a well known photo. I've seen it before! Spooky!

  5. I tend to be a bit doubtful about "ghost photos" both old (as Steph said there was so much room for human error) and new (we can "enhance" to the nth degree now)


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