Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Dungeon

Errr... the Diamond.
Seeing as today is my "Friday" I thought I'd give you a tour of where I am forced to go to support my horses, dogs and cats. ;)
I work at my hubbie's family's restaurant. I never intended to work there, but just before we got married I found myself working for the fam.
(I had been in hotel's and switched properties whereupon I found myself screwed over and needing out!)

So this is where you'll find me, Wednesday - Saturday evenings. (as well as holiday's like Mother's Day and New Year's or Valentine's if they fall on my day off)
This is the hostess station. From this view there is a teeny glimpse of the restaurant bar to the left. To the right is the dining room with tables and chairs. On the bar side of the restaurant are the booths.
The flowers on the counter are from my Father-in-law. He almost always has fresh flowers on that counter, I think its a nice touch.

Later in the evening if there's some down time this is where I get to chill. Its also where I get to have my supper. (I do believe that's a horse mag on the table lol)
Its also where I check the bills (my FIL is an old timer, non tech guy; our waitresses still use the old hand written bills)These two little tables are in front of the bar, just to the right as I stand behind the till in the hostess station.

Here I am in my box (the hostess station or HS) Straight in front is where the booths start. Notice all the mirrors? Very easy to keep an eye on what's going on... keep an eye on potential troublemakers, staff, and to find an open and clean table when its busy! There are 28 booths that seat from 2 to 6 people.
(7 booths are 2 seaters, 1 is a 3 seater, 6 seat 4 max and the rest can seat up to 6)

Looking right from the HS (yup there's my table & magazine again!) I'm really hoping we renovate soon, that wallpaper seriously needs to be replaced. On the extreme right, not quite in the picture, are doors to the kitchen. You can also barey make out the overhang for the bar, where the glasses hang, on the right.

This is to the left of the HS. The dining room (DIR) for large groups or people who prefer chairs. The staircase and part of the wine cabinet. There is a Greek mural down the staircase.
The dining room has a divider that can be slid open to make a larger space or closed for 2 smaller spaces. If I remember correctly it can seat up to 110.

The rest of the wine cabinet and chairs for people waiting for a table, a pick up order or delivery drivers waiting for an order. Around that corner of the wine cabinet is the elevator in case you couldn't (or didn't want to) use the stairs.
Help yourself to a mint from the bowl :)

Here's Pie and John (our bartender) in the lounge. They're taking a moment to say 'bye'. I've got the restaurant all closed up and they get to stay and listen to karaoke and work in the lounge.
(lucky them lol)


  1. What's served there?, looks Italian?

  2. Hahaha...the "dungeon!!!!"
    I could never work in a restaurant or I would be as big as a house!

    I second Callie's comment...although I think that I asked you that question before.
    How fun to have a family business though, unless you don't all get along.

    PS-How are you and Pie doing? Everyone's rested up and the medication is all adjusted?

  3. I want to come for some food!!! Do you'all have moussaka (I never remember if that is greek or italian)? I LOVE moussaka mmmmm....

    Looks nice an big! Oh and I love a place that has plenty of boots (I hate sitting on chairs!, which is weird because I have plent of natural built in padding! lol)

    Looks like a nice, welcoming type restaurant that you'd feel comfortable to eat in at many times a week...home away from home.

  4. It looks like a nice place. Just looking at pics makes me hungry.

  5. Nice restaurant - would love to eat some food there. I spent part of a year waitressing and hostessing at a New Orleans (French Quarter) Greek restaurant and I do have some stories...mostly scary.

  6. What town is the restaurant in? I go to SAskatchewan sometimes; I'd love to stop by.

  7. Mel - thanks for asking, things are going much better :)

  8. Pie's family is Greek, and there is some "Americanized" (Canadianized?) Greek food on the menu.
    However our menu is large and diverse... the kind of menu that shows like "Restaurant Makeover" and "Kitchen Nightmares" cringe over. lol
    There is everything from pizza and pasta, to steak, lobster, seafood and "basics" like burgers and chicken fingers.
    I personally LOVE our Chicken Greek Salad. We make our own Greek dressing and I will NEVER buy it from the grocery store again. Real Greek dressing is delicious whereas the stuff sold in stores is icky oil.

  9. Looks like a nice place, although going there every work day probably isn't that fun - just 'cause it's work...

  10. Looks very cozy! Makes me want to sit in that booth with a glass of red wine and chat horses with you!

    Now I'm hungry:-(

    and yes, how is Pie!?

  11. Yes I agree it look very cozy and clean. There are lots of places to eat in my town, not so many that would qualify as clean and even less that I would call cozy. You guys should go international and open one in Spokane, Wa.

  12. Oh it looks like a dressy place! I too have been a hostess & a waitress. Not too bad. Tips were pretty good. It's the bad customers you want to over heat their apple pie then drop the icecream on it and get it too them before it melts!...Oh wait I have done that! LOL!

  13. That's a fancy looking restaurant.
    Looks too nice to be called a dungeon.

    But I guess it could be a dungeon if there was somewhere else you'd like to be. I feel that way about my house if I have too much to do and would rather go out riding. lol.

    I like seeing the pic of Pie, too. :)



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