Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Those clouds look threatoning!!I have always wanted a cool enterance to my "ranch". But then, I would have to own a ranch. I love the scull!!

  2. You are definitely living my dream sweetie...I too, always wanted an entrance...lucky, lucky you!!!

  3. Is that the entrance to your Homestead?? What a great photo. I'll bet you get awesome sunsets through that entrance.

  4. Ohhhh!! Is that your place??? Excellent it!

  5. I'm still living in the city, but that is the main entrance to the corrals by the barn where I board my horses.
    There are 3 pens right there, then the "sacrifice" pasture. To the right (behind the barn) is the arena (outdoor), another pen and another small pasture.
    The horses are all in their winter living quarters now... meaning the pens beside the barn and the sacrifice pasture.

    That skull is actually from a horse that had been buried on the property by the previous owner. Apparently he didn't go quite deep enough when he buried one of his horses and that skull eventually found its way to the surface.

  6. I like that photo - thanks for sharing...


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