Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here it is, Sunday, my first day off of the 'work week'. And it gorgeous out, +4C.
And here I am, inside, with my face puffed up and leaking fluid with Pie's stoooopid cold.

Thanks soooo much for sharing hon!
So today instead of going riding or getting some pony time I'm going to curl up with a book (if my eyes can stop watering long enough to read an entire page or two) and pop Cold FX and drink tea.
Then tomorrow, which is supposed to be nice **fingers crossed** I'll have the energy and the time to go ride.
ok i'm done whining now :p



    Hugs from the Southland girl!

  2. Awwww you're allowed to whine all ya want when it's nice outside and ya can't get off the couch...get some rest and you'll get better quicker~~

    Beautiful flowers too in your next all that color!

  3. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!! Sounds yucky!! Maybe the fresh air would make you feel better?? I will keep my fingers crossed that you will get to ride!

  4. I'm with you on the whining. Especially when it's nice out! Let me know what you are taking and if it works. I have something nasty too. Was flat out all day yesterday. Being sick sucks!!

  5. Hey get better, vitamin C - OTC meds - vicks - you know the game.

    Sometimes I have had good luck burning colds out - HOT HOT food for a day. Good at draining everything and usually will take care of a sore throat.

    Also Pendleton (whiskey + hot tea + honey) tea works good too - makes ya feel better and puts ya to sleep.

  6. It's ok to whine. You know how much I whined after my surgery, eh?
    I feels better to get it out.
    I'd have whined too.

    Get plenty of sleep, take Zicam, and feel better my northern friend!



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