Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunday's Jackpot

Last Sunday there was a barrel racing jackpot. It was a really nice day but I hadn't managed to get any rides in on Applejack so I just went as a spectator. There was a really good turnout, especially for a winter jackpot, and I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who hasn't been riding. To me it wasn't worth risking hurting my horse to run him when he's this out of shape. And it made no sense to go and just lope the pattern, especially when this season I want to work on getting him running hard.
Being that I was spectating I thought it would be a great time to get some pics. Unfortunately I didn't get many usable ones, my camera must have gotten cold or damp as there were quite a few pics that were all foggy like this:
even though there was no fog or steam in the arena (unless you were standing right by a sweaty horse, and I wasn't) BTW the pics are posted in reverse order of how they were taken. So that above pic is on of the last taken.
This pic of Connie has little spots all over it, which leads me to believe there was some moisture in the lens.
Then there's this one:
They really weren't running THAT fast. Silly camera, I tried using the "sports" mode for a few pics, thinking that I would get clearer action shots. Instead all I got were blurs like the one above.
And this is the very first pic I took when I walked into the barn. Horses all relaxed and waiting to go in and run:

That solid high wall separates this stall row from the arena. There are more stalls on the other side of the arena. I think its a good idea, especially since this arena is heated. There is only one wall that leads directly outside, and that is on one of the short ends. The other short end has a window wall and the heated lobby is on the other side.
Most of the horses were already in the holding pen in the arena so there were just these few guys chilling out and waiting.
All in all it was a pretty good jackpot, nice turnout so there was decent payout. Only bad moment was that my friend Julie got tossed off Blue again. That is a dirty little filly. She has no tells, she'll just be going along and wham buckbuckbuck. This time she was running home from 3rd. Julie wasn't even pushing her, she was just letting her run. And then buckbuckbuck. Julie got back on and took her 2nd run (it was a double header) but she was one hurtin' girl at the end of the day.
I told her she should change Blue's name from Kewl Blue to Black'n'Blue. lol


  1. Black and Blue. lol! Poor Lorie. At least she didn't end up breaking anything, though.

    Must be bittersweet to be a spectator...wishing you could get in there to ride, too.
    Probably a good thing you didn't, like you said.
    With the cold weather and lack of preparation, those muscles an tendons can get stiff.

    Glad you had fun :)
    Interesting pictures. Those spots might also be caused from dust. That happens to me when I take photos from inside an area with lots of dust and dirt and animals moving.


  2. whoops. I don't know why I typ Lorie. Was thinking Julie and thainking Lisa....Maybe they morphed or something? lol!

  3. I wonder what made your camera go all wonky like that. That's pretty weird.

    I think this spring I'm going to bring some cones or barrels and just play with the horses. I think they'd like it. Don't worry, I'm no competition LOL!

  4. Too bad about the camera...strange stuff did make for an interesting pic of the horse coming around the barrel though.

    Too bad you couldn't participate, but you probably made the right decision. Next time...right?!?

  5. I have a problem with the spots like the second pic, when I take pics with the flash inside at night. Dust in the air I think. I have a new digital camera and have been experimenting a lot, horses are really hard to take pics of, because of the movement and speed. I still get a lot of blur and I can set my iso to 1600! So I just keep playing.

  6. OH no, your poor friend! Ouch! I hate unpredictable horses. Julie must be one tough cookie! And what a nice barn to ride in! All heated!! WOnderful!!

    And it has been nice here but super wet, so we haven't been able to ride either. I got my 20 year old gelding out the other day and he was all sorts of freaking out!! It was a bit cooler, it's so hard to ride in the winter!

  7. Well it sure looked like fun. Of course anything involving horses and friend looks like a complete blast to me now.

    That is a dirty little filly - I admit I am more than a little gun shy of horses that buck now. I have encountered 2 in my list of horses - both had the habit down and there was nothing I could to break it.

    Same thing too - no warning at all usually - just wham and Steph's in the dirt. I hated it.

    Glad to hear she got back on though - that a good cowgirl!

  8. Sounds like you played it smart in just being a spectator... sorry your friend Julie got thrown off, that always sucks! I think Black N Blue sounds like a fitting name though!:-)


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