Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Its Called KARMA

Okay before I start this (true) story I will give a head's up. It is kinda gross. And yes I realize that I may be a tad mean spirited here (ahem, I have on occasion been called the "B" word). Now that you've all been warned:

I stopped at our restaurant the other night on my day off. I had picked up a Wii console for one of our waitresses and was dropping it off for her (those are one hot item, very hard to find right now around here). Anyhow, the girl bartending (Shan) in the lounge called up and told Pie the following story -

There had been a younger guy drinking in the lounge and he went out for a smoke (can't smoke inside in Saskatchewan businesses). Apparently while out there he felt the need to relieve himself and peed. Right on the cement pad in front of the lounge entrance. (some people have NO class/dignity!)
Another customer out for a smoke saw it and came in and told Shan so when Mr I-Can't-Wait-Til-I-Get-To-The-Bathroom came back inside Shan took his drink and told him to get lost, that she knew what he'd done outside.
He left but for some reason decided to come back a few minutes later. Apparently he was rushing in when --- now remember this is Saskatchewan in January --- he slipped and fell in his own frozen urine.
I'll admit I laughed pretty good at that part. Not that mean, right?
Well, I laughed even more when I heard that he broke his leg when he fell.
Okay, yeah that's a little mean spirited. But I don't really have a lot of sympathy for people who do such things.

**small disclaimer, although the neighbourhood our restaurant is in has gone downhill over the years this is not a normal occurrence**


  1. yowch....I'm beginning to think a broken leg would be better than a torn ACL......maybe that's what should have happened to that peepee guy.

    Extreme pain, followed by surgery, followed by excruciating pain, followed by weeks of painful physical therapy....(and I didn't even pee in front of anyone's restaurant. gah)


  2. Kharma indeed! Don't we all wish justice was always that swift. And he can't sue, because he slipped in his own pee! Idiot.

  3. oh no, oh no, your restaurant is so gonna end up famous when he sues you. that is the exact stuff true stories on are made of.

    i'm totally worried about you. please let me know what happens. thankgod you're not in america, but still, you're awfully close.

    p.s. can't wait til my husband gets home so i can read him your post

  4. Oh, that IS funny...yeah, kinda mean, but very funny!

  5. LOLOLOL Thanks for posting that CDN! Nothing like a little Factual Teaching about How Life Goes now and again... ;)

    Now if only some of these ignoramuses would LEARN from it!!

  6. I guess I don't really see it as mean. Or maybe that means that I'm mean. After all, the guy did it to himself AFTER he did something disgusting. What if it had been someone else who slipped? Then it wouldn't have just been an injury risk, but a potential health risk as well. I say he got what was coming to him.

  7. I think it's downright hilarious. Not mean at all. HE was mean for doing his deed right there to begin with. Sheesh. Here, that would be considered unnatural accumulation of ice, which is all you can sue for in slip and falls on ice. That being said, he would be contributorily negligent about 99.9%, so you could probably recover money from HIM. Make sure to countersue :))))

  8. OMG- That is too funny!! LOL Karma is a B*!!!

  9. I really don't think he'll sue. After all urinating outdoors is against the law (I'm not sure but I believe the fine is about $500 or more).
    Not only that but he'd been asked to leave the establishment so for returning we could call the police to remove him from the property (for which he could also be fined).

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thought this was funny!

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  11. You're not're my kinda girlfriend!! That is hilarious!! What a dang idiot...but alcohol makes people do some pretty strange stuff.

    Sure hope he doesn't sue...but you do have an eye witness; who I feel really bad for too...for having to witness the deed!

  12. Ha!!! I don't think that your bitchy (there...I said it!!) at all!!! He totally got what he deserved, right? LOL!!!

  13. Mean? Not in the least....

    Hilarious?? OMG...I had to pick myself up off the floor.

    What a D..O..R..K!!

    Okay-I'll make this one quick...I was coming on shift(bartending) on day and the bartender I was relieving warned me that one of the guys was getting to "that" point. I wasn't there long before his mouth overshot his brain(in his case, he wasn't armed to begin with), so I asked him to leave. I was being pretty nice-which totally surprised the regulars, they were waiting for me to rip into him. So he leaves and as he is walking out the door he is calling me names and telling everyone this bar sucks anyway. About 10 minutes later he walks back in...his car won't start, can he use the phone. He started bawling...nope not kidding...bawling because he didn't want to have to call his dad. Seems he was on a his dad's car...and the next day he was supposed to turn himself into the Sheriff's Department for his 3rd DUI. Hmmmm?? Can you see Dumb A** written all over this guy?? His dad shows up to get him and DRAGS him out of the his EAR!! The whole bar was ROLLING!! And he called me a loser for not serving him anymore-LMAO!!

  14. BECG some of the funniest work stories I have are from working in a lounge. (I've worked in one other one besides ours)

  15. Ohhhh yuck!

    I knew a gu that would do that - I swear if him mom would've kicked his butt for doing that when he was little society would not have had to put up with his annoying habit.

    He almost became my uncle! Yikes!!

    Also he was one of those guys when fishing who can't wait to use the outhouse so he just drop his pants and pees right into the lake. Nasty!! He wouldn't have to pee so often if he's simply stop drinking beer - maybe the case of your guy too!

  16. LMAO! Serves him right! I would have laughed right at him. BEC Her story is funny too! By his ear...hahahahah

  17. LMAO! It is Karma, however, lets hope the bastard doesn't get the idea to sue you.

  18. Seriously, what was that guy thinking? Didn't he know that it would freeze and he might have slipped on the way out, let alone on the way back into the place. It serves him right!! LOL!!

    My middle boy, he is three, was caught peeing in the feed store parking lot while I was inside getting feed. One of the guys there said, "Mamma' did you loose something in the parking lot?" I said, "No?" he said, "Are you sure that's not yours?" I looke dout and all I saw my my three year old's white bum and he was peeing in the rocks! Country boys!! But I guess some never grow out of it!!!

  19. Oh my, this is hilarious. yes, what did he think would happen besides an ice patch to hurt someone? And Karma decreed it would be Mr. Peepants himself. But I'm with Lytha: hope he doesn't get the lawsuit lightbulb going. BrownEyed: that is a hilarious story too; ear-dragged by daddy after bitching out the entire bar. Bad day in dumbass land!


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