Monday, January 19, 2009


Today I was feeling a bit better (at least my eyes & nose weren't constantly watering) and it was beautiful out again! I seized the chance to take advantage of this and went out.
This was my view:
Yup, I (finally) managed to get some time riding! Look at those cute l'il ears!

Yes mom I will do my best to behave, even though you haven't ridden me in aaaages!
Truth be told even if I had just spent some time with them it would have made my day, I've been going through serious pony withdrawal during the horrible cold spell we had. And I know I anthropomorphise my critters to much but I do believe they missed me too. As soon as my truck was parked by the barn Cessa came strutting over to see me:
And when I went out to get them Applejack was right by the barn, happy to see me... little did he know he was going to go to 'work'. Both horses got their blankets taken off for awhile. I laid the blankets over the fence with the insides facing up to get some sun exposure (sunlight is said to kill bacteria, good for the ponies and the blankets)
Seeing as he's had so much time off I decided to play it safe, I stuck to riding in the arena. Yes, outdoor arena. No, he didn't have to march through snowdrifts. Kimfer plowed a path around the arena yesterday so we have a safe place to ride without taking the horses out (yay! no snowmobilers to deal with!)
So around and around this track we went. Walk and trot. Practiced stopping off just my seat and/or verbal command. Backed up. I always have such a hard time backing straight. Its gotta be me. Even loped a bit. I'll admit that I did take him into the deeper snow in the middle (at a walk). I wanted to see how willingly he'd step off that nice path into the drifts... good boy went right in with no hesitation.
As you can see all that hard work exhausted the poor darling. (liar!) We went for just over a half hour and took it pretty easy. I didn't want to over-do it after him being off for so long PLUS I didn't want him to get too sweaty.
It was SUPER nice out though, I even took off my jacket and rode in just a t-shirt with a hoodie! (or to be a proper Saskatchewanian - a bunnyhug) :)
After giving both horses their grain the blankets were put back on and they were back out with the rest of the herd. And I was on my way home to get some rest.


  1. I'm J.E.A.L.O.U.S!! We have really nice temperatures...but the dang wind is driving me to distraction!! Keep your fingers crossed for me for the next two days...supposed to be positively beautiful!!

  2. What a fun ride! It looked like a lovely (but cold!) day. Can't believe how deep the snow in the arena is! I love that you called them bunnyhugs, too cute!

  3. One more thing, thanks for the good idea for the blankets, turning the insides up towards the sun. I'll have to try that!

  4. BECG - fingers are crossed for you! In the middle of our cold spell we had one day where it was actually very nice (-10ish) until you added that dang windchill. Then it was in the high -30s! :o

  5. PG - the snow in the arena ranges from a foot deep to about 3 feet where its really drifted.

  6. SO MUCH snow! At least you were able to get a ride in. Here in Arizona we had 75 degrees yesterday...I'm not kidding. I also took a ride in the afternoon,but definitely didn't need the bunnyhugs :)

  7. Glad you got a chance to ride! Looks like you had a nice day finally. Our conditions have been about the same.

    Love the pics of Applejack!

  8. *sigh*... that view.... *sigh*

    Lucky woman! Glad you are feeling better there!!!!

    Hope you get to have a lot MORE of that view too. You deserve it!

  9. Oh, oh I'm so very envious! I wish I was taking advantage of the weather to ride. Three horses and nothing to ride! lol

  10. Hi there -

    Looks like you had a good ride - I can't wait till I can ride!

    Pretty winter pictures too - and yes thanks for the blanket tip.

  11. What a fun ride!! Look at all that snow!! It's so deep! I am glad you got a chance to ride. It sounded like a lot of fun.

  12. Pony therapy is always the best, isn't it? Feeling better now that you've visited them?

  13. WOW that is alot of snow:-o you're going to kill me, but I have been freezing the last couple of days because the weather has been in the 20's! I know, I'm pathetic! LOL
    Glad you got some pony time in and some riding!
    I like your new header too!
    I think Lil Keebler's Rusty and your Raincloud look alike:-)

  14. Denise - I just *had* to go and check what 20F is in Celsius (its not quite -7) That must actually be *REALLY* cold in your area :o

  15. I went far too many years without being able to get a shot like that with the ears...I was always so jealous of everyone who could do that! Funny the little things that can be taken for granted.

    I saw on Callie's blog you asked about the mustang makeovers. They started with just one in TX, then last year they held regional challenges, which were similar but with not as many competing. This year they're calling the regionals makeovers just like the big one.

    Because the horses are adopted out afterwards, it's not possible to bring the winners back to compete against each other, but they have begun hosting other events and a lot of the trainers have been able to either adopt their mustang and compete, or they borrow them back. It's great fun!

  16. Glad you got a ride in...what a beautiful day for you!! Applejack just has the sweetest face too.

    Good your feeling better!

  17. Yay someone else openly practicing halting off the seat!
    I'm in Ontario, winter is no better here...we had quite a cold snap, minus 20/minus 30 with windchill...blaaahhh

    At my parents old farm we had a little "track" to ride around too.
    yay for awesome winter rides, and adorable "view from on the horse" pictures!

  18. I love your little track. Yay Kimfer! That looks like it was a lot of work to clear out with that deep snow.

    AppleJack looks so CUTE!
    I'm so glad you got your pony fix and had a great ride, too :)


  19. Lisa - it was actually quite easy to plow. Kimfer just used her dad's skidsteer and went around, when she had to dump it she dumped it over then fence into the pasture that the horses don't have access to until spring.


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