Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Rant

Sorry, I have to get this off my chest. This is to anyone who lives where there is a decent amount of regular snow.
I mean really, when it snows in Vegas I'm not expecting you to know how to deal with it. But when you live somewhere where snow is normal you should know how to deal with it. Especially how to drive in it.
For example, there is a very good possibility that it will take you longer to stop or slow down. Try braking a bit earlier than you do in the summer, better still don't brake as hard if you don't want to skid out of control.
4X4 is great, I have one, I also have an AWD. However I do realize that doesn't mean I am invincible on ice... yes dumbass a 4X4 can and will slide. Although you do have a better chance of getting your stupid ass out of that ditch you just slid into.
Using your windshield wipers to slide the snow off your windshield, while leaving an inch of snow on the rest of your vehicle, is NOT sufficient. Not only do I not appreciate driving in that mini snow storm you create behind you, but YOUR ability to see around you is severely compromised. And yes if you hit me and this was the extent of clearing the snow off your vehicle I will not hesitate to tell you I think you're an idiot.
Ditto for defrosting your windows. A hand sized clear spot directly in front of you on the windshield is not sufficient.
That white stuff on the ground doesn't mean that you will automatically slid off the road. If you live in a place that has snow on a regular basis the roads are generally maintained for driving in it. There are exceptions yes, however you do not usually have to drive 65 k- in the "fast lane" - on a road that normally has a speed limit of 90 k/hr. I am a speeder, yes, however I do slow down when conditions warrant it. It is to be noted though that driving too slowly is also dangerous, and ticketable. (for my American friends, that's like driving around 23-25 mph on a 75 mph road)
For that matter, when the conditions warrant it please slow down. I really do not like to watch as you hit the ditch and roll your vehicle. (I'm glad you weren't hurt and again, no problem for letting you stay warm in our truck while we waited for the police)
And please for the love of pete... if the visibility is not good (ie blizzard, blowing snow, etc) turn on your damn headlights! Daytime running lights are great at helping the people in oncoming traffic see you but they do nothing for the people coming up behind you. Do you not realize you have no tail-lights when you only have your DRLs on?

**no I have not been in an accident, but not for lack of morons like the above trying to cause one! This winter I've had several near misses due to the above type of driving**


  1. Hurray! You just blogged the blog I always wish I had blogged when living with snow! Oregon, Alaska, it doesn't matter. Clean the snow off your vehicle, you lazy idiots!

    You are my hero for being able to blog this topic without using all the swear words and trucker language I would have had I done it. It really gets me riled!

  2. Bravo!, But LMAO! I deal with these bastards all the time. Just last week, on our way home from a movie, it had snowed a bit, but the weather was in the teens Ferenheight and the freeway was slick. We were in our AWD and I was driving for conditions, about 40mph in the slow lane along with many others. Sure enough an older truck with the stamp on the back latch said "Cowboy Cadillac" went wizzing by us! Not more than 10miles in front of us, sure enough, the firetruck ambulance and a rolled over older blue pick-up, smashed to pieces in the center median. I have no doubt that it was "Cowboy Cadillac". Not sure if he survived,because it was pretty ugly! I totally agree with you!

  3. Too bad that people that need to know that stuff won't read this blog! I don't get people - you'd think after living in a place with lots of snow you would get the idea!!!

    Glad you guys weren't in an accident though!


    I spent toooooo damn long in Fire and EMS services, picking people up from their OWN DARWIN MOMENTS. So PREACH IT SISTA!!!! Know what it is like to scrape someone out of a truck in below zero windchills, with snow/ sleet blowing in on you? Trust me--- you dont want to either!!!!

    Be safe up there girl,and drive defensively! ;)

  5. Love it! I'm not worried about my driving - I'm worried about some dumb ass taking me out on the highway on the way to work.

  6. Good for you 'Keeping it Real" without being crass.

    I have to admit I am not a snow driver. ut I can live with that. If it snows I just stay home. I won't risk my life, my family's, or others just to drive to the store for a gallon of milk or to McD's for a burger.
    I buy my provisions before a snowstorm and then hunker down in the safety of my home.

    No worries.


  7. I'm with you! There are some crazies out there - and no kiddin like here - it snows every year. This is not a surprise. Buckle down and buy some snow tires people!

  8. Good to hear you weren’t involved in an accident. Unfortunately, good to hear that morons live near you and not just in my neighborhood, too! Share the wealth and all. ;)

  9. Amen, preach on! We don't have to drive in snow, but I swear they don't know how to drive in rain or ice either! Well put!
    Glad you weren't in a wreck! Safe driving!

  10. LOL!! I am glad that you were n ot referring to an accident that you were in had me going for a minute there!!!

    People+snow+stupidity, but I agree with you about those who should know better, because they live in areas with harsh winter conditions. :)

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now if only you can put that on billboards, right?? I'd help pay. lol

    One of our main roadways into downtown city where I work is a 50 mph speed limit. People usually go like 60 though. Lately every freaking time it snows or even RAINS, people are driving with their HAZARDS on and going like 20 mph. I just want to push them along. I go out of my way to make a big splash when I can finally get by too because they are so ridiculous. I'm a real beyatch when people are driving stupid like that. If you can't handle it, DON'T DRIVE. Better yet, MOVE TO FLORIDA. I always have to wonder about these people because we get lots of snow here and if you can't hack it, you have no business. The best that gets me is the people that DO have 4x4 and STILL drive 20 mph in a 50 mph straightway zone. WHY PAY EXTRA FOR 4x4??? AHHHH. lol. We've been discussing this very issue alot by us. Thank you for being of the same mind. lol

    That being said, yes, I DO slow down and allow myself plenty of time. I just hate it when these other people wait until the last minute and pull in front of me BECAUSE I'm slowing down and allowing myself plenty of room. THAT really irks me.

  12. hahahaha that is ssooo true! We have the same problem here? I mean seriously people! I hate driving in the snow, not because I am afraid of the snow, it is the other idiots! Great post! Becareful!
    My kitty is a himalayan Her mamma was a persian, and her daddy was siamese. I love rag dolls too!

  13. You don't know how bad winter drivers are until you operate a snowplow. We are, by neceessity, out there in the worst of conditions. You won't believe how many people run into the back of a plow-yes, driving blind into the cloud of snow they throw off! And then there are the really smart ones that try to pass you on the right bacause plows(again, by necessity) have to drive slowly and they can't wait for the oncoming traffic to go by. Those geniuses usually end up in the ditch, because the windrow coming off the plow is usually pretty heavy. I think every driver should have to spend a day as a passenger in a snowplow.

  14. Huh? What's this white stuff you speak of? just kidding, I used to live in MA and IL and once in a long while we get some snow here...
    Your rant is valid!


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