Monday, January 26, 2009

From today's headlines:

"If it felt like one of the coldest mornings of the winter today, you are right. The temperature in Saskatoon plummeted to minus 34 overnight, with wind chills of minus 47."

That's just freakin' sick!! Hmm... wonder if my truck will start?
(in Fahrenheit that's about -53)
Think warm thoughts!


  1. AGHHH!! Get out!! That's totally unearthly!
    I cannot even imagine temps that cold!

    Last winter we had -8 degrees F. for a week and I thought I was going to free solid.

    With those temps, if you have diesel it would turn into fudge!
    Geez! Girl, stay warm!
    How are the horses faring through your deep freeze?


  2. What on earth does a MINUS temp feel like?! :-o I think maybe I felt it as a kid when you lived in IL, I remember frostbite warnings when going outside even for just a few mins.

  3. That's insane. I can't even imagine what that's like. I think the lowest I've been thru is -10 in Montana.
    You're having artic temps up there!

  4. Gaahhhh-I'm chanting..."Ten degrees is warm, ten degrees is warm, ten degrees is warm"-LMAO.

    One time I remember surviving temps like that-I was living in Cheyenne, Wyoming(20 years ago) and a blizzard hit. My gas powered p/u was plugged in and STILL wouldn't start. I don't know where I thought I was going to go-it was 2 wheel drive. We survived only because the liquor store next door sold jerkey and chips...and tequila!!!

    Ahhh-to be that young and stupid again.

  5. Yikes - that is nasty. I don't think we've hit -47 yet, the worst one was -40 with the wind chill.

    Hang in there!

    We haven't had a temperature over -25C in over a week. No snow, no storms, just freezing cold and sunny. Not -47 yet though. Ugh.

  6. OK girl, let us know you are OK up there, and did not freeze solid!! Thinking of you and sending you warm Southland thoughts!!!!

  7. Holy Smokes that is FREEZING!! And to think I had the nerve to say it was cold here the other day at 40 degrees!! Oh gil, I hope you are all tucked in all safe and warm. Who feeds the animals when it's that dang could outside?? BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  8. OMG. And you think we should move there!!??! lol I'm sure one could get used to it, but man o day, I'm "suffering" in our 10F temps and you're in the -53F. Sheesh!! I heard rumors about Alaska and wonder if they might be true by you. Does everyone leave their vehicles running wherever they go because the gas/diesel might feeze/gel and not start again? Nuts. If you want to get away to the warm (haha, warm to you anyhow), let me know. We'll open up a room for ya :)) Heck, you'd probably sled in a t-shirt it would feel so warm!

  9. All 3 vehicles started (the 2 outdoor trucks were plugged in)
    Our cats are strictly indoors so they're fine, the dogs are house dogs too so they only go out for walks and potty. When its this cold no walks.
    The horses are outdoors 24/7 with shelters and blankets (well, mine & Kimfer's have blankets on). When its this cold Mr.F (Kimfer's dad) leaves the feed pen gate open so they have free choice access to the hay, gotta keep their little body furnaces going!

  10. Holy Dyna that is cold! It is amazing how horses can survive (and thrive) so long as they have enough feed. Out here they dont do as well even though it is not nearly as cold because it is always so WET!

    I have never experience that kind of cold. While I wouldnt want to live in it, I have to admit to being a little curious as to what that feels like!

  11. UGH!!! I hate winter!!! Stay warm!'s cold here too.

  12. Gonna guess maybe not on your truck!

    Holy Crap! But...but .... it has been that old once where I grew up (30 minutes from your boarder)

    We were raising birds at the time and had to wear a ski suit, gloves and a full face ski mask to make the short walk up to the barn to feed and water our chickens, chuckers, pheasants and quail. Every heat light we owned plus extras were on the birds trying to keep them from freezing to death the chicks were in the house (keeping us up at night) the old wood stove which had not be lit in years was glowing bright red in the barn it was so packed with firewood. We had to hurry as the water would start to freeze solid on the way up to the barn. When got inside we thawed the water on the stove - then rushed it to the bird pens where thirsty little birdies were huddled under each light. The ran over grabbed a drink then zipped back to the light.

    I always thought it was a miracle that not one died and the barn didn't burn down.

    Yeah weather like that is special.


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