Sunday, December 11, 2011

The World

Belongs to Lindsay Sears & Martha!!
Sears was #2 going into the NFR.  At the end of 10 rounds she was #1 in the average and took home the championship buckle.  Way to go Martha!!  10 clean fast runs in a tough pen.

** picture borrowed from Lindsay's site **


  1. WooHoo! Go Canada! I didn't get to watch any of the NFR- thanks for sharing the news.

  2. That mare is just phenomenal to watch. A well-deserved win for Sears and Martha.

    I have more respect for the lady (she actually seemed nice this year) because she mostly ran Martha's brother to qualify for the NFR. Martha only came back in the last half of the season and only ran IF Sears needed to pull out the 'big guns' and only IF Sears approved of the ground. I think this win was particularly emotional for Sears and a fittingly triumphant return for Martha.


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