Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something's missing

I took this pic of the hayfield 
Friday afternoon. 
I noticed the sky was all grey and moody 
but there was light shining out on the field. 

Its really beautiful when it does that in the summer
just before or after a storm, over a canola field :)

Anyway... I like this pic but it also makes me a bit sad 
because there's something missing.... any guesses?


There's just a few patches of snow here and there.  
Its looking like its going to be a brown Christmas.  

And in Saskatchewan that just ain't right.


  1. Be careful for what ya wish for.;-)

  2. Send me your address and I'll get a semi of the white stuff loaded! Our snow usually melts quite quickly... and it's been here for over a week!

  3. Yeah I know - brown Christmas just ain't right. Highly unusual for E Wa too. We usually have FEET of snow by now...

  4. We had to endure "Water World" Spring - one of the coolest summers on record and as a pay off NO SNOW?!? WTF.

  5. This weather has been weird everywhere. Including here, it hardly rained this month, it ALWAYS rains in December here. As of right now it's raining, but it's suppose to stop by Saturday, it freakin' weird I tell ya!


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