Sunday, December 4, 2011

All the moos that's fit to print

aka "We've got news moos"

Okay enough punny stuff... meet the herd:
My stepdad B & I have gone partners on some cattle!
Last week I went with my friend Jo to look at some Dexters.  Today B, Mom, Jo and I went to pick them up (Pie was at work).  We got 4 heifers and a steer.
(yes all 5 are in that pic, the fifth one is hiding behind the others)
The plan is to butcher the steer, probably next fall, and to breed the heifers.  Unless of course by that time we're thinking "oh crap this was a bad idea" ;)
We decided on Dexters because they're small, therefore easier on your equipment (waterers, fences, etc), they're hardy enough for our winter cold & summer heat (don't laugh!), they are good beef & milkers, good mothers and calve easily.
Yes, of course I've named mine.  The steer (B & I are sharing him) is Chuck and 1 of my heifers is Tasty (because one day she will be) ;)  My other heifer will probably be Nelly (because of a longstanding joke with Pie)  The only thing is that, for now, they're pretty hard to tell apart.  We know who the steer is, because he's the only boy lol.  And I can tell which one is Tasty, her original ear tag ripped out so she has a torn ear and she's the only one tagged in the right ear.  That's Tasty in the front in the above pic.


  1. Oh what fun- now you get to see if VooDoo is a cow horse!

  2. Love it! Growing your own beef is the best! Love the names too, lol. Smart :)

  3. Most excellent!

    No sense not having a few beefs around with the lovely place you have. Your all set up for them.

  4. Haha I almost drove off the road this spring looking at the neighbors fuzzy mini cows. Most people around here have regular (angus, hereford, Charlois) cows so it was weird to see them, especailly the white ones cause they look like sheeps.

    Enjoy them it will be nice to raise your own animals.

  5. I luff your moos! Can I live vicariously through you for a couple of years, please?

  6. I laughed when I read it, but I'm not sure how I feel about the name Tasty. Good preparation for her later purpose, and yet... awwwwww... I don't think we're supposed to name the ones we plan to eat ;-)

  7. I think getting a smaller breed is a very practical way of doing things. I am assuming they are probably easier (cheaper) to keep in feed too. If I had the land that is exactly what I would do. I am not sure if I would actually name 'em though. Pretty funny name though, Tasty...


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