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Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ Happy Anniversary (Pets)

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge: Three years ago this week will be the third anniversary of Sunday Stills. The very first challenge was Pets……so in honour of Ed and Sunday Stills lets do it again.

Okay so they're not really pets, but my camera died before I could get decent pics of the "real pets" and the cows were the only furry things around that I managed to get some decent pics of.


  1. They might not be pets, but they are fuzzy and cute.

  2. They are very cute. My pony is almost that fuzzy this year!

  3. Yep, fuzzy and cute. Hope ya get a new camera for x-mas or sooner..Look at the canon SD4000IS or the G12 I have both and they are excellent cameras..:-))

  4. Gah! Look how cute! These totally count as pets, if the criteria for 'pet' is 'would I snuggle with you for at least 6 hours straight?' The answer is yes.

  5. They still count -- they are animals under your care....they look fantastic! nice photo...

  6. Love cows - how can you not just feel all warm and fuzzy looking at that face...