Friday, October 21, 2011

Our trip so far...

**I have a fairly decent internet connection so there's a few more pics than normal lol**

 Monday we work up just before 4AM (around the time we normally go to sleep) and got the last of our stuff packed away then my Mom drove us to the airport.  And yes I got teary when I said bye to Tucker, and yes I still miss my little brat.
We flew to Toronto, good flight but a bit of turbulence.  Had a quick lunch at the airport, kinda funny... the waitress asked where in the states I was from.  I told her I wasn't from the US that I was from Saskatchewan.  She asked if I was originally from the US and insisted I sounded American.  Oookay.  After lunch we wandered around until our flight to Fredericton boarded.  
Again some turbulence but not too bad. No in flight TV/movie even though the flight was just about as long.
Dad & Sandy, and Auntie M (my mom's sis) met us at the airport.  Auntie gave us a map and tourist book, then we were off to Dad's for the night.
Tuesday we were on our way in the rental van Dad had arranged for us.  We went from Woodstock to Sussex to spend a few days in that area and visiting my mom's side of the family. 

This is where I'm from...
Just outside of Sussex, NB.  I was born in Sussex and my family moved out west to Saskatchewan when I was very young.  But those first few years, this is where I was from.  My grandparents lived at the top of Kierstead Mountain.  Now my Auntie S & Uncle D live there.  This is the house now:
Auntie M led the way to the cabin we were going to stay at (it happens to belong to Auntie S & Uncle D)  I'm so glad she led the way.  Directions to the last paved road I might have been able to follow but I don't think I'd have found the little wood road off the pavement myself:
I loved the cabin, so much that I'll have to do a separate post on it lol.  But here's a quick peek for you:
And here's our view!
Tuesday evening/night we curled up with a fire and a movie.  Then Wednesday we went road tripping, tourist style!  We drove to Fundy National Park and to St. John.  Then back to Sussex, stopping at Auntie S & Uncle D's house for a visit, Pete's first time meeting them and their kids. 
Have to say that I was pretty proud of myself for finding the cabin by myself in the dark.  And for navigating roads like these, a bit different than what this prairie girl is used to ;)
View of the bay at Fundy National Park
More scenery from FNP
Proof that I was on vacation, Pie took this at FNP
When we toured around Sussex we looked at the murals, Sussex is the "Mural Capital of the Atlantic Provinces"  They varied on subject but this is one of my fav's
** more to come! **


  1. Yay for vacation! You guys definitely deserve it! The view at the cabin is beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you are having a fun time!
    Sure looks different than prairie for sure.

  3. gorgeous mural but that a beaver's home? it's breathtaking there - you're in god's country.

  4. Beautiful scenery! That looks like a really nice cabin. Love the mural too.

  5. Very cool, enjoy your vacation, I've been to NB and it was some beautiful country..:-)

  6. The little cabin and that view are breathtaking, I can't wait to her more about that. I have only been apart from Fred one time for 2 days, it was almost unbearable, but he survived (I almost didn't). Enjoy the vacation! Beautiful country.


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