Sunday, October 23, 2011

The trip continues... Hartland & area

Friday Pie & I drove down to Woodstock and returned the rental van Dad had arranged for us.  We've been staying with him & S since then.  Monday we'll be on the road to pick up another rental in Fredericton and heading on to the Miramichi to see my cousin Drew & his family.
There's not a lot in Dad's neck of the woods.  The biggest "claim to fame" is this:
In case you can't see that sign, this is the WORLD's longest covered bridge.
This is a full shot of it from Dad's side of the bridge:
What's that, it doesn't look that long?  How about a view of the whole thing:
Dad lives right at the top of the hill, and its a steep hill.
While visiting Dad Pie & I got to see Amanda, who also has a blog (hi Amanda *waves*), "big sis" Natalie, her kids Crystal & Tristan (S's family that is now part of mine) :)  Uncles & Aunts (Kevin, Bob & Ruth, Marty) and Great Aunt Florence, that's a lot of family for a girl that's grown up without really having extended family around lol
GA Florence is pretty inspiring.  She's 90 and lives on her own (in a regular house not a seniors unit) which is spotless.  She mows her 2 acre yard, goes snowmobiling and 4 wheeling and "out to camp" (a phrase they use a lot here). 

Today Dad called us out of the house to see the hang-gliders going by.  During good weather its apparently not uncommon to see them.  There were 7 total, I saw 5 and then thought to grab my camera, not a great shot... wish I had grabbed it sooner.
One thing we've been seeing a lot of in New Brunswick is signs of fall.  Besides the wonderful colours on the trees we also came across this field of pumpkins.
I love the architecture of the older houses here.  (no pics of those yet though)  And there are lots of wonderful old barns.  I really liked this one, partially built into the hill.
 I've seen a few horses but I only took pics of this guy, he seemed like he was waiting for someone to stop and notice him.
I guess not though because as soon as my camera clicked he turned and ran away lol
Things are going well at home, Mom & B are enjoying house sitting for us, today the went for a ride.  Mom even cowgirled up and made Smudge keep going when he wanted to go home (yay Momma!)


  1. Hi! It was SO nice seeing you in person! And I'm so glad I finally got to meet "Pie!"

    P.S. I'm happy that you think of me as a "cousin;" that's how I think of you, too!

  2. How cool is that bridge!! I love covered bridges! And the barn built into the hill, I love old barns too. Thanks for all the pics, makes me feel like I am there.

  3. I love your great aunt- what a grand ole gal! An inspiration, to be sure. Glad to hear you're having a great time with family.

  4. Awesome pics! Sounds like it has been a great vacation. Lord knows you two were ready for a good long one after all these years. ;-)


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